Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday | Valentine's Gifts for Him

I may or may not have just gotten around to buying Trevor a Valentine's Day gift today. Worse yet, I  may have found said gift while researching for this post - but don't worry, I didn't ruin the surprise. That being said, maybe you've waited to find the perfect gift, too. If so, you're in luck as today's Ten on Tuesday features non-traditional gift ideas for the man you're shopping for - most of which are Trevor approved (except maybe the whiskey stones, since those are actually on my wish list). There's still time to order online but if you're nervous about the deadline, perhaps this list will inspire your own shopping trip this week. I'd love to know what you choose.

1 // A Crosby portable record player is a great gift for any man who has a passion for music. Plus, hunting for vinyl together at local thrift stores is always a fun weekend hobby. As I mentioned in my goals post this weekend, putting a record player in our house is on the top of my to-do list.

2 // Trevor was the inspiration behind this pick since he's in need of a new alarm clock. Cell phones are great for a lot of things but one of those is not checking the time in the middle of the night. While the clap-on, clap-off feature is a bit of a novelty, this clock has a fun wooden design and it runs on batteries.

3 // These magnets are an ode to both loves in my life. Perhaps Buddy isn't quite bright enough to recognize magnets in his honor but they'd still provide a good laugh on our fridge. If your love doesn't happen to love Pit Bulls, Fab.com features magnets for other dog breeds, too.

4 // A new watch is perhaps the most classic gift on the list. That being said, this watch from Red Line is a little edgier than most with its black and red features. It just so happens that these colors happen to be Trevor's favorite.

5 // If your guy loves sports, but you aren't up for watching or attending his favorite game as part of a Valentine's Gift this year, a LeRoy Neiman print might be the best compromise. Art and sports - the best of both worlds.

6 // I happen to live with a chef who would find new kitchen knives to be a great gift (in fact, that's what I got for our first Christmas). If your guy is into cooking, or maybe you just want him to be more into cooking, this knife set is a comical and perfect addition to a bachelor's kitchen. While most guys love chrome, other colors are available too.

7 // While there is no link for this one, a bottle of his favorite liquor makes a great gift. If I was shopping, it'd definitely be for a bottle of Pernod, an anise liquor from France. (And if you aren't celebrating Valentine's Day with a guy this year, consider a bottle swap with the ladies in your life. If you do, make sure to include me on your list.)

8 // Trevor happens to be a coffee connoisseur and I know he would love a bag of french roast coffee beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Perhaps your beau has a favorite roaster or a favorite flavor of coffee, too - even his favorite K-Cups make for a thoughtful and fairly inexpensive gift.

9 // As I mentioned, I've been eyeing up these whiskey stones for that bar cart I've been dreaming of. Any guy is sure to love these as they are able to keep drinks cool without absorbing or diluting any flavor. Plus, these allow you to skip my least favorite task - filling ice cube trays.

10 // Most guys aren't thrilled with the idea of his and hers pillow cases, these caught my eye. Lately, we seem to choose The Dark Knight Rises over any other movie in our collection and so for us, these pillows are the perfect fit. It also helps that my guy has a total crush on cat woman. 

So tell me, have you already finished shopping and planning for Valentine's Day? Or perhaps you haven't even started? If you've found the perfect gift for the guy in your life, do share in the comments - I'd love to know what's been on his wish list. After all, May isn't far away.


  1. I have that clock! It's awesome because it's not glaring you in the face all night. Also I've been trying to not bring my cell phone into the bedroom (failing), so this clock is good for the whole time/alarm thing too :) I'm a fan.

    1. SEE! That's exactly what I told Trevor. He hates having to turn his phone on in the middle of the night to see what time it is but he thinks that clapping is equally as annoying so I didn't get it for him. I love the design & concept. As for no phone in the bedroom, such a good idea - I get sucked into the social media vortex and never go to sleep!