Sunday, February 17, 2013


Snapshots from this week: 
1 // Representing THON all the way in Southwestern Montana. 
2 // For Valentine's Day, I made Trevor homemade gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free General Tso's - I also made lots of dishes.
3 // Trevor leaves early each day, before I wake up - sometimes though, I wake up to little love notes on our fridge.
4 // An authentic Philly cheesesteak for Valentine's Day in Missoula.
5 // All three of my loves. 

Favorite posts this week: 
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This week I'm... 

Eating another batch of gluten-free vegan cinnamon rolls. Sunday cinnamon rolls seem to be a new weekly tradition in our house. If you haven't made them yet, you should - they're sure to be a favorite in your house, too. 

Looking forward to an extra day off this weekend. I still haven't finished my novel from last week and I'm looking forward to having the time to wrap it up. 

Counting down for the THON total reveal in just about an hour - It's amazing to think that college students can come together to raise millions of dollars each year, don't you think? [note: this year THON raised a record $12,374,034.46 this year!] 

Feeling thankful for the great people THON brought into my life. This weekend, several of my friends stood for forty-six hours straight to raise money for pediatric cancer. At the same time, Maddie (our THON child) celebrated five years cancer free; Kasey attended THON after being taken off of her last medications. I've spent the weekend watching all of my favorite kids perform on stage, looking through old THON photos, and missing Penn State.

Dreaming of graduate school! All the stress of the last few weeks has been replaced with excitement and planning. Though no definite decision has been made, I'm looking forward to being involved with student organizations again. This week, I was accepted into the University of Montana and even received my diploma in the mail! 


  1. Oh my Gawd!!! I love your blog! It's soooo cool! you designed it so pretty! Amazing. I am so happy to find you on BBN. Your blog deserves some exposure, if you like we can do button swap, so everyone sees yours on my blog.

    Love love your blog, oh and yup I love your blog for the 5th time! Definitely following you via GFC.

    Visit mine too and follow back if you have time

    thanks, xoxo

    1. Chi,

      I'm so glad you checked out my blog - especially since I'm new to BBN! I would love to swap buttons with you, I can also help you with blog design - as it's something I really enjoy doing. Loved seeing this positive thoughtful comment early this morning - thanks!

      xo, Jen

  2. Replies
    1. We usually eat a lot of varied foods in our house but these cinnamon rolls seem to show up every single week. They're easy and delicious - I definitely recommend trying them!