Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love Touch

Last week, I shared a list of gift ideas for the guy in your life and while it's typically easier to shop for the women in your life (chocolate and flowers anyone?), I wanted to take a second and share a unique gift idea with you - jewelry from Tina Steinberg. Though jewelry in and of itself is not a new gift idea, Tina puts a modern, handcrafted twist on what she calls "unordinary personalized jewelry" - an accurate reflection.

I first fell in love with Tina's jewelry when shopping for charms to add to a bracelet for Kasey as she went through treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The first charm I purchased was inscribed with the phrase "I am not afraid, I was born to do this". Later, as Kasey ended treatment, a little leaf saying "grow strong" was added to the bracelet.

My love for Tina's work continued to grow as she graciously donated jewelry for two separate events that raised funds for pediatric cancer patients. I loved the first necklace she donated so much that I bid to win it - I now wear it nearly every day, alternating it only with this "blog girl" necklace I received as gift from Trevor's mom, Linda, this Christmas.

What I love the most is that Tina's jewelry is inscribed by hand and that adds to its uniqueness. Furthermore, each piece is of incredible quality and Tina's customer service is even more impressive.

This Christmas, my brothers and I decided to create a necklace for my mother which featured each of our fingerprints. With my move to Montana and Sean's impending deployment, it seemed like the perfect gift. The process was incredibly easy. After choosing our necklace design (the hardest part of the project), Tina worked with me to send fingerprinting kits to Montana and to North Carolina. When I visited home for my birthday, I took the kit to print Aiden. In the meantime, Sean received his kit and sent his fingerprint back to California. A few weeks later, the necklace arrived - even more beautiful than we had pictured.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our family, I wanted to add a little note to further explain just why this necklace was so special. My brother, Sean, joined the Marines last year and that took him far from family - to North Caroline - and in just a few weeks, across the world. Shortly after, I chose to move to Montana, 32 hours from our home. While my youngest brother, who is only seven, is at home, my mom finds it difficult to have the three of us geographically dispered. This necklace allows her to keep us with her everyday, no matter how far we may actually go. 

Though the process of creating a Love Touch pendant, bracelet or necklace takes a few weeks, you still have time before Valentine's Day to purchase a gift certificate for any of Tina's jewelry. Perhaps your love has a thing for photography, for yoga, or just unique jewelry - there is something perfect for any woman in your life.

Now is also the perfect time to start thinking about Mother's Day. Fingerprint jewelry makes a great sentimental gift and is incredibly easy to create with a little bit of planning. But, if the Love Touch Collection isn't your thing, Tina also offers a variety of other mom-inspired jewelry.

While hand crafted jewelry can be expensive, Tina offers great discounts and special offers throughout the year so I highly encourage you to sign up for her newsletter. You can also find Tina on Facebook (where she often hosts contests to win products) or Twitter.

Please note that I was not asked to promote Tina's products nor was I compensated for this review in any way. 
I'm just passionate about this beautiful, unique, and high-quality jewelry. 

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  1. It's a gift I cherish and wear every single day!!