Saturday, September 21, 2013

Where We Ate | Vinaigrette


Sometimes the best dates are the ones unplanned.. like lunches at Vinaigrette on a Monday afternoon.

Life has been busier than ever lately. Over the past month, I've taken on the duties of event planner, photographer, videographer, designer, content creator, project manager, and let's not forget student. After two solid weeks of events (we're talking double digits, people) - I finally enjoyed a day off with Trevor. And, together, we enjoyed a late patio lunch.

As you could likely deduce, Vinaigrette is a salad bistro but is unlike most other salad restaurants. Owner Erin Wade grows the bulk of the produce on her 10-acre farm in Nambe. At the Albuquerque location, tomato vines even line the patio.

Inside, the restaurant is adorned with stylized picnic tables, my favorite bathroom signs (no, really), and orange and green accents. Though this was my first time eating at Vinaigrette, it marked my second visit and I was no less obsessed with the decor this time around. Trevor insists that Erin and I could be best friends (um. when I met Erin, she was wearing overalls and designing the patio to her Albuquerque location? my kind of woman.), so it's no wonder I felt like the restaurant's decor had come out of my own design dreams.

For lunch, we had the Salacho and the Tuna Salad Salad with tuna steak, instead. We may have also had a side of diver scallops. (I know, it was only lunch but our East Coast hearts couldn't resist.

It hasn't even been a week since our lunch but I'm already looking for an excuse to go back.
That Apple Cheddar Chop is calling my name.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ten on Tuesday | Birthday Wishes

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Where did we leave off? Oh, right, on August 2nd. I know, I know, that was a month ago. A month and one day, really. But don't worry, I'm back with my favorite blog post of the year - my birthday wishlist. (Wishlist posts are so easy, aren't they? And I'll let you in on a little secret, when your proper title is "poor MBA student," they're even easier.)

Despite knowing every word to Taylor Swift's recent hit, I'm not sure that I'm feeling twenty two. I barely feel twenty-one sometimes. Some days I feel twelve, some days I feel thirty five. That being said, I'm ready for a new year and new goals. Twenty one has been filled with glasses and braces, and not nearly enough mojitos. It happens, I guess.

This year's wishlist doesn't feel all that different from the last. (Though, I think I'll be probably okay without a hat and gloves in Albuquerque.) Once again, the items can be split into two camps. This year, my fall wish list includes the necessities -  a new business wardrobe and a few things for our house.

With all of the career workshops I've been attending lately, I can't stop flipping through the online pages of J. Crew and Banana Republic and Madewell and... Well, I've been searching for the perfect blazer for weeks now and I keep coming up short. Quite literally. You know, I didn't mean to match the shoes to the belt.

Our move also left me lusting over home decor. And at the top of my list? Matching bedding, can you imagine it? I almost can't.

I recently restored a vintage Drexel Heritage sideboard (which I'll be showing you soon!) and I've had my eyes on a few different items for the top of it, too. That metal wrapped tray from West Elm? Ugh. It'd be perfect to hold the rum for all those mojitos I haven't made.

So tell me, what's on your Fall wishlist?