Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Blues

You'll have to excuse the quiet over the last few days. This sweet girl played me out for the few days that I was in Arizona and it has taken me all week to recover. I'm missing those sweet cheeks and those happy feet, so I thought I would stop in to share a few snapshots from my weekend away as a cure for these baby blues. I've been anxiously waiting to meet Kendall for almost eight months but that wait was well worth it - she's the funniest girl. Her favorite things? People watching at the grocery store, my coat buttons and hearing her mama laugh. It's hard to believe that during my last trip to Arizona my Aunt Sarah was still in her first trimester, now, she's getting ready to plan Kendall's first birthday party. I would be lying if I said being closer to this little one wasn't on my list of reasons to choose NAU.

While I wouldn't have traded a weekend with my aunt and uncle and their beautiful baby girl for anything, I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Our plans include a whole lot of nothing - a novel to read, a special THON project to finish and laundry to do.

So tell me, what are your plans this weekend?

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