Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wigs for Kids

Last year, in the middle of my THON delerium, I decided that this year, I would be donating my hair for Wigs for Kids. I planned to only trim it (my hairdresser doesn't always understand the word "trim" though) and crossed my fingers that it would grow fast.

If you aren't familiar with Wigs for Kids, it is a non-profit organization which provides incredible, high-quality wigs to families at no cost. Better yet, these wigs are kid-proof and stay on during the craziest of activities such as gym class, sports and even swimming. For the past three years, THON has partnered with Wigs for Kids and each year, several select volunteers are chosen to have their 12-inch-or-more ponytail cut and donated on stage.

Unfortunately, my hair hasn't grown as long as I hoped and I'm doubting that I will reach twelve inches in 33 short days. (Mane and Tail?) But it's okay - Kasey said she'll cut my ponytail.

But tonight as I signed online, I lit up about a story involving Wigs for Kids and a fabulous Four Diamonds momma.

In High School, I was blessed to be friends with a guy named Scott. We worked together, actually. Always the funny guy, and my favorite to close with at night because he was great to talk to, an even better listener and well, he could mop a whole lot faster than I could. Maybe not the most typical friendship but... it worked. One day, I got an instant message from Scott. His sister Miranda had been diagnosed with Leukemia, and though Miranda and I never got a chance to meet, I can promise you that she was as great as her brother.

Tonight, I read that Miranda and Scott's momma, Tammi, registered to donate her hair for Wigs for Kids at THON this year. I've got all fingers crossed that she's selected to donate on stage because this woman is incredible. (Plus, she's going to the underneath of her new hair-do bright pink for Miranda - too cool.)

[I hope Tammi doesn't mind me sharing this picture because seriously, who wouldn't want that hair?]

Being a mom is tough enough. Facing cancer? I don't know many things harder. But this family has gone above and beyond. I often pass Tammi at Hershey Children's Hospital as she delivers gifts, "smiles", to all of our littles on 7W.

Smiles are her way of honoring Miranda's memory by bringing smiles to other teens facing cancer. This is all part of the mission of Miranda's Smile, the Miranda K. Zeigler Memorial Foundation. The organization grants mini-wishes, delivers holidays in a bag and most importantly, and most importantly brings happiness and fun to some pretty tough days for teens being treated at Hershey.

2010 Christmas Bags for 7West

I am constantly amazed at the strength of all the Four Diamonds families, parents, and siblings in my life. They are as much of this battle as our littles are and so many of them turn their battles and struggles into beautiful projects and fundraisers to help other kids much like their own. They take the hope they've learned and the love they've received and they pass it on to other families who need it too, and I don't know if there's anything more important than that.

So while I may not be able to donate my hair in 33 days (I'm still hoping for it to grow), I can't wait to see Tammi donate hers and to smile for Miranda at the thought of a momma with pink hair.

[In other news, I bought my NKOTBSB tickets today! It's honestly a childhood dream come true and on July 30th, I will be swooning over Nick Carter with Lindsey Shortt, Ry & my five year old brother who honestly knows every word to the Millenium CD. I can hardly wait.]

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