Monday, January 17, 2011

Tutus and Lipstick

It's been a good two days full of Patriots losses, tutus, lipstick, spaghetti and my boyfriend.

No matter how many times Ryan leaves for school, I hate it just the same. Yesterday, I said goodbye to my best friend and sent her back to Mansfield. I helped pack Ryan's life belongings into his car and followed him to Millersville. I hate "see you later's".

Since most schools went back to session this week, Nikki and I had just one last chance to meet up before she headed back to the snowy, cold world of Northern Pennsylvania. We met for lunch and chit-chat, something we take for granted until she's gone for months at a time. For some reason, all my friends headed North, where the weather stops me from visiting.

We went to a classic, Baker's, our town's 24-hour diner. The food's so-so, the service is standard at best, but Baker's has always been known for one thing. Since I moved to Dillsburg, I've always had one favorite part of going to Baker's - the fishtank. This awkward little fellow was a new addition.

But saying goodbye is a must and so I left to meet Ryan's family for the game. While I am a Colts girl, through and through, there is one thing I love more than a Colts win - a Patriot's loss. And the icing on the cake? Watching Tom Brady get sacked five times, yeah, five.

We left at half time after loading the TV, xbox, stray clothes and cases of Sprite into the car. After an hour drive of anxiously awaiting the score and paying turnpike tolls that climb more and more each day it seems, we scrambled out of our cars and unloaded Ryan's belongings, carrying them up the stairs through the dark and into his cold apartment. Within seconds (okay.. minutes, since we couldn't seem to get the TV working) we had the game on and I was wrapped up in Ryan's favorite fleece blanket, enjoying the ever climbing Jets score.

And when the game was over, we ventured to Giant. Oddly enough, its one of my favorite things to do with Ryan. We walk up and down the aisles, holding hands, and laughing as Ryan tries to buy nothing but Easy Mac, orange juice and a half a gallon of milk. Nutritious, babe. He's getting better.

But last night it was sausage, eggs and salad dressing for a celebratory dinner of Spaghetti & Caesar Salad. It amazes me how many dishes it takes to cook Ryan and I each a dinner since mine has to be gluten free, of course but it was delicious, regardless of how long it took to clean up afterwards.

And to sweeten the deal, this morning I checked my voicemail for a message saying I didn't have to babysit until 2. Babysitting really means playing dress up, coughing as the girls soak me in perfume, and pretending to be baby kitties. Today? I got a make over to go to the magical dance party.

A pair of fairy wings, a tutu, a container of eyeshadow, and half a stick of lipstick later, I was gorgeous and ready to go. The best part of the whole experience was three year old Erika playing momma to me, "Sweetie, keep your eyes closed... this won't hurt a bit!" "SWEETIE stop moving!" as she smeared eyeshadow from my nose up.

But the real lesson I learned was that I desperately need a tutu sized for a nineteen year old. Project of the week? Hopefully it turns out alright or I'll be purchasing an adorable one in tri-colors from Etsy. But if it goes well? Maybe I'll make ones for all my girls.

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