Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simple Things

Some days are simpler than others - some days better, some days worse. Today was one of those days where I took the time to stop and enjoy the simple things that define the differences between our days. I was enjoying the mundane, the typical, the things that seem to slip from one day to the next unnoticed but I still managed to sneak in special visits and lots of laughs.

Today, I was loving...

1. Scarves and texts from far away friends. I miss you, Claire!
2. Visits to Kasey Rain and trying not to get bitten by Chewy - that pink dress is deceiving!
3. Four o'clock sunshine.
4. Opening packages, especially ones that include free dinosaurs.

But the part of today I'm loving the most is looking forward to what I'll be loving tomorrow:

Much needed time with some of my favorite people.

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