Wednesday, January 5, 2011


"This picture... it gives so many memberies back to me."

As Aiden sits on my terribly-missed-lavender bed and scrolls through my catalog of iPhone photos, this is what he says as he swipes his little grimey fingers across the screen to reveal a new one.


While I choose to call them memories instead, it's funny because I had done this very same thing as I sat in a cafe in Paris with the girls just a few days ago. The pictures go back a ways - two years ago at Christmas, at least. There's Aiden in a Santa suit in a crowded Walmart aisle, or Aiden posing as a "reindeer" with two blueberry flavored candy canes. And then there are pictures from the last year or so.

I wanted to take the time at New Years to sit down and reflect on the past year but in Paris, I was lacking the time, will and motivation to do something requiring so much thought and effort. So, a few days late, but here you have it:

2010 in Retrospect.
Since I spend most of my time behind the lens, thank you to those who took this pictures & caught my past year on film - with me in it, for once.

In January, Penn State York THON hosted its first Bone Marrow Drive with the help of Savannah Smith and Be the Match.

In February, I danced for 46 hours straight, for the Kids and couldn't have been happier than when Ryan, Aiden and my Momma came to visit.

In March, I boarded a plane for the Big Easy to rebuild homes in destroyed sections of the city with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and some very funny kids.

In April, I took my boyfriend to Happy Valley for the first time to see our first Blue and White game. I even got to go on the field at half time for a THON linedance.

In May, I met Imogen Heap with two of my favorite people.

In June, we packed the whole family (well, minus Sean) into the car to Virginia to visit my favorite "aunt", Stacey and my uncle Larry, who was in for Air Force training from Texas.

In July, I spent a week getting tan, sleeping in a tent and celebrating Christ at Creation North East. I also adopted my Compassion child, Arnola Isiais Escobar Portillo.

In August, I celebrated Ryan's 20th Birthday with him at his new "home" in Millersville.

In September, I unwrapped a new camera from Ryan wrapped in High School Musical wrapping paper.

We also walked in honor of Kasey.

In October, THON hosted a Halloween Dance and I went as a ladybug.

We also celebrated Kasey's 11th Birthday.

In November, I celebrated my first Shook family Thanksgiving in Milheim, PA.

& In December, I left the country for the first time, headed for Paris, France.

And how are Ryan and I bringing in the new year? With inspirational videos on never giving up on your goals...

even after 133 hours and 25,968 encounters.

Put that one in your shinies box and suck it.

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