Monday, January 24, 2011


There are few things I love more than getting packages - or really, mail in general... even the credit card applications with nine pages of regulations and restrictions in English, nine in Spanish and four in Russian. But as you know, I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new camera strap. Today, I received the USPS tracking update that the package had been delivered to my home at precisely 12:25 and only four hours of babysitting and a night class stood in my way of opening the newly arrived manilla envelope.
My house lacks good acceptable lighting.
I couldn't be happier with it. The best feature is the plush lining across the shoulder but the ruffles are nice too. Every girl could use a little more ruffles in her life. If you happen to be looking for a new camera strap too (or would like to start thinking about a birthday gift for me..), check out Sassy Strap on Etsy - she carries straps for your DSLR, Point & Shoot, and even simple lanyards. The best part? Quick shipping. Mine arrived in less than five days including a southern snow storm and a Sunday. Now that's classy.

For those of you who are lucky enough not to talk to me every day, you may not have realized that "classy" has become my catch phrase - the word of the day, week, and month. Typically, it finds itself being used sarcastically and mockingly at the situations and people I encounter from day to day. But, occasionally, it means just what it says - classy. [Ahem, see the paragraph above.]

I always seem to have cling to words. You may remember the "legit" phase. Maybe "meep"? Or  possibly "bahaha"?

I don't think many things are classier than Sunday night football with the guys except a simultaneous taco night and Steelers win. Who am I kidding? There's nothing classy about the Steelers.

You can bet that such a combination is how I spent my Sunday night. After watching a miserable Bears lost and consequently seeing Ryan's heart break a little, Sean joined us as we ventured to Giant to seek out the perfect dinner choice. So we braved the 7 degree weather and piled into Ryan's not-even-remotely-warm Mazda to wander the fluorescent lit aisles until deciding upon tacos. Soft and hard, we do it right. Honestly, we couldn't have made a better choice - they were delicious. But then again, dinner always tastes better when you can leave the dishes to someone else your boyfriend.

That's Ryan's "Please put the camera away, already" face. Love it.
I know it's not much of a post but I wanted to simply stop in and update you on the musings of my weekend before a week jam-packed with interesting (no, really) blog posts. You can look forward to a Penn State York THON feature including Basket Bingo and our Dancer Announcement, a look at the Hope Express and my advice for surviving forty-six hours on your feet.

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