Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Someone please save us, us college kids

"What my parents told me is what I did.
They said go to school and be a college kid,
But in the end i questioned why I did...

Do what will make you happy,
Do what you feel is right,
Only but one thing matters,
Learn how to live your life."

If I have to go to college, it might as well be to a soundtrack of Relient K. As most of you know, college is back in session for us Penn State kids and next week, Ryan heads back too. The first week is always exhausting. The sort of exhausting where you do nothing but your eyes ache from staring at blackboards and your lungs ache from breathing in the chalk. Luckily, the heat seems to be working this time around and our fingers aren't aching from holding icy pencils and our teeth remain quiet of their chattering through the endless lecturing. I hate syllabus week. I hate the icebreaker activities that teachers seem to find "fun". Please don't make fun of my favorite band, please don't spell my name wrong, please don't make me pick a work group out of a bunch of kids I've never met.

But, they do, and so we move on.

This syllabus week has been worse than any. Today, I had to completely reschedule my classes, had a teacher I just met make me cry and had to shell out almost $300 on books. I really missed you too, Penn State.

On the bright side of things, going back to school means going back to THON and today was our first meeting of the new semester. In 37 short days, over 700 students will dance for a cure. My THON committee is very fortunate to have two students to award that honor to.

But back to the song... it has a point - college has taught me how to live my life. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said...
"To know that one has breathed easier because I have lived, that is to have succeeded."
And that's how I plan to live. To each of you that applied today - you are all a powerful reminder of the spirit and dedication of our group, no matter how big or small we may be. I wish we could give you all the honor of dancing because you have all worked for the Kids - and worked hard. Thank you all so much for everything you have done this year, because of you, lives have breathed a little easier.

This year, Steph and I have devised a new dancer selection process which meant an afternoon meeting full of presentations, stories, memories and questions. It was bittersweet.

The wish that I could dance is so massive, it hurts. I was lucky to have danced as a freshman, and therefore, at my first THON. I don't know the stir-crazy feelings of the bleachers, I didn't have to face the hotel room drama. And quite frankly? I don't want to. (On the bright side though, I don't have to lug around that duffel bag.)

The forty six hours spanning from February 19th to the 21st of 2010 made up the most magical (there isn't a better word, I'm sorry) weekend of my life. And while I can't wait to feel the energy of the BJC, to learn a new line dance, to see my girls (Ava, Becca & Maddie - I love you all)... I wish it was from a different perspective, just a little. But, this year, we will choose two new dancers and I'm sure that they will do an incredible job dancing for York, for the Commonwealth, for the Kids and for a Cure. 

It's not too late to make a contribution to the Penn State IFC/Pan-hellenic Dance Marathon. Your money goes to fund research, hire child life specialists, support the pediatric oncology nurses, and gives hope to children and families across the state of Pennsylvania. All proceeds from THON are donated directly to the Four Diamonds Fund which provides care for all children treated at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital becomes like home for many kids but at least we can say that we are helping to make it a special place. A place where Kasey and I can laugh, watch iCarly and eat slushies. A place that takes care of her, good care.

If you would like to know more, you can check out THON's website, watch videos, or read about the families that mean so much to me such as the Hills, the Allens and the Goldens. If you are as passionate about THON as I am, please feel free to make a donation and if you are so obliged, please consider making it in honor of Penn State York (we are a general organization).

Ava has grown SO much over the past year. She's got a full head of hair & a full vocabulary - plus she's cuter than ever.
In 37 days, all those donations will be added, tallied and revealed and once again, we will celebrate all the hard work of the students, be thankful for all the compassion shown through donations and we will rejoice that so many families and children can be with us for such a special weekend.

Our faces in this picture are priceless. It was a tough line dance last year... really!
In 37 days, we will laugh, we will sing, we will cry and we will dance - dance with serious faces, that is.

In 37 days, all of our hard work will take a break for two short days of fun and laughter and love. (Not that staying awake and on your feet isn't hard work.)

In 37 days, we will play with our kids, be squirt with water guns, wear outfits that don't match and refuse to eat our breakfast.

In 37 days, we will be thankful for tennis balls, playdough and yo-yo's once again.

In 37 days, we THON.

For the Kids.
For a Cure.

And Together Without Limits.



    ps. picture of you doing the line dance is hysterical.

  2. Absolutely hysterical. The yo-yo & playdough line was for you.

    Let me know how the dancer lottery goes. I'm going to be awfully jealous when you get that dancer spot.