Sunday, March 3, 2013


Snapshots from this week: 
1 // We traded our cinnamon rolls for an italian style, gluten free quiche this week. 
2 // Mid-week morning snuggles with Buddy. 
3 // The packing has begun. Our favorite place to find boxes is the liquor store. Small, sturdy, and colorful.

Favorite posts this week: 
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I've been itching to go plant shopping but that seems best suited for after our move.
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Yes, a beauty post from a food blog. I hate trying to find new, good products! I also realized that I linked to her January favorites post a few weeks ago, too. Oops! 

This week I'm... 

Anticipating our big move! It's hard to believe that packing has begun and that in less than three weeks, we will be headed to a new home and a new life in New Mexico. I can hardly wait, as evidenced by the large pile of boxes already packed and stacked in our entryway.

Thankful for help from friends! We seem to have found the perfect little home, tucked in the town of Madrid. This week, Trevor's friends will be looking at it for us. Keep your fingers crossed that its as cute & charming in person as it appears because I'm awfully smitten with it already.

Listening to this song. Today at the gym, the original version by T.I. came on the radio and Trevor exclaimed, "an oldie but a goodie." Personally, I like the Anya Marina version better - though I can't say the same for Trevor. 

Excited that I not only made a quiche this morning but that it turned out perfectly. This was my first time making a gluten free pie crust and while I knew it would be edible, I didn't expect much. Somehow I managed the perfect balance of butter and oat flour, though. Recipe coming soon! 

Daydreaming about decorating a new space! As much as I love Trevor's flannel dog sheets, I'm craving some new, bright, colorful bedding. We've been playfully arguing over decor choices - it's become a bit of a game to choose things I hate and ask Trevor's opinion because he always loves them. I joke that we'll one day live in separate houses so we can each decorate our own. 

Can you tell that I have moving on my mind....?

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