Saturday, March 16, 2013

Four Things with Me

You know I couldn't skip out on a chance for online window shopping, right? And, with warm sunny weather in Montana, I can't stop thinking about Spring making this the perfect little exercise.

What do you think of this fun little mini-series so far? Do you enjoy finding new blogs through posts like this? Have you found some new wish list items of your own? There are quite a few more lists to share but I'm hoping to all stop in with photos, moving updates, and of course, this week's [52] post.

That being said, here's what I'm wishing for:

1 // One thing I want are these turquoise and wooden veneer sunglasses from Tumbleweeds. They're definitely out of my price range but I can't stop thinking about them! Besides, I figure in a sunny place like New Mexico, I'm going to need a pair!

2 // One thing I need, as I've mentioned countless times already, is new bedding! I can't seem to make up my mind about colors, patterns, or styles. I want to wait until I've seen the new house to decide but maybe I'll bring our bedding choice up for your vote. Have you seen the app, Seesaw? It seems great for someone as indecisive as me!

3 // One thing to wear? These funky new patterned leggings from Victoria Secret are at the top of my list. We all know that I never wear real pants and these would be a fun change from my usual black leggings (despite their price).

4 // One thing to read is Paper Towns by John Green. Though rated as a "young adult" novel, I've heard great things about all of Green's books and think this will be the next book I purchase. Right now, I have Green's first novel Looking for Alaska on hold for my Kindle.

So tell me, do you still read Young Adult novels? Have you read any of John Green's books? Have any great book suggestions for our long road trip?


  1. Hahahah I love that you also posted an item from Victoria's Secret. I literally just hit send for my guest post, look here & see that we both put Victoria's Secret items on our wear list! HA. I swear I didn't copy you :P

    Those are some FAB leggings though :)


    1. Who doesn't have at least one VS item on their wish list, though? I was going to put work out clothes but saw these new leggings and swooned. Can't wait to share your list!