Thursday, March 14, 2013

Four Things with Sarie

The first post in this series comes from an elementary school friend (yes, really) who recently started her own blog, #PinnersProblems. Sarie is a Public Relations major at Bloomsburg University and is getting ready to graduate in May! Soon afterwards, she will be making a new life for herself in Austin, TX - a place on my travel bucket list. Other than being from the same hometown, we also share our loves for chai tea, DIY projects, crafts and Pinterest. If you want to know more about Sarie, check out her blog which is full of laughs. When I asked Sarie to contribute, this is what she said: 

Jen and I go way back and I was thrilled when she asked me post for her while she is busy moving her life halfway across the country, again! I am just getting started with my blog, #PinnersProblems and she has been my fairy blog mother! She designed all of the HTML and has been a huge help as I get started. Needless to say, she is outstanding!

As spring slowly starts to creep its way into the barren terrain of Northeastern PA, I am thinking of all the spring goodies I have been eyeing up.

1 // One thing I want is a keyboard for my iPad! Typing quick write ups isn't a problem but anything in depth can be a pain in the butt for my poor little thumbs!

2 // One thing I NEED is a graduation dress. The bittersweet and terrifying day of graduation is slowly creeping up and I need a dress. Preferably one in a red/burgundy color since the pastel colors of the spring lines look awful against my pale skin, or perhaps I will settle for a cream lace dress. This is the only one I don’t hate so far. 

3 // One thing to wear, something I wear almost year round, are TOMS. Not only is the mission of TOMS amazing... have you seen their wedges?! They don’t look all that when you see them online. However, I saw them in person last summer and they are all I want in the world. If they are as comfortable as their classics’ I’m getting these in every color.

4 // One thing to read is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. If you want a laugh out loud funny book, look no further. This had me laughing out loud in the middle of classes and waking my roommate up in the middle of the night from laughing so hard. Seriously, you will not be disappointed.

So tell me, are you a fan of TOMS? I've wanted a pair for years but have never gotten them! They're definitely on my spring wish list, if only I can decide on a style and color.


  1. I have to admit, I haven't even gone near a pair of TOMS because I'm convinced flats make my tree-trunk legs look even more, uh, trunky I guess ;-) But those wedges? I think I gotta have them!

    1. I couldn't agree more about wearing flats with skirts, dresses or shorts - I think my legs look so goofy! I never knew about these TOMS wedges until Sarie mentioned them but now I want my own pair!