Monday, March 25, 2013

Four Things with Marisa

Today's post comes from a long-time friend and one of my favorite bloggers, Marisa. I've written a guest post or two for her and I'm so glad to get to feature her here on Live Beautifully! If you didn't already know, Marisa is a food blogger at The College Cuisiner. Our whole lives, she has been quite the cook - I owe my love of chinese food, Edy's Strawberry Fruit Bars, and perhaps my whole passion for the culinary world to this girl. I was basically dying over her wish list because she has the best taste, and not just in food. When I asked Marisa to play along with this little series, this is what she said: 

This isn't my first collaboration with Jenn. In fact, she was fantastic when I was away from my blog in July of 2012. Jenn will be the first to tell you how i introduced her to some of her favorite food items but Jenn has helped me with just as much! Her contributions to me over the years include some seriously good looking Xanga profiles and personal gifts. She's so thoughtful as you can tell from this week's guest posts!

My four things include some practical things that I need/love but also some fun things for a beautiful, bright Spring!

Here's what made the list:

1 // One thing I want is this Kitchen Aid mixer in Tangerine for all of my baking needs. It is even has a pasta-maker attachment! Totally practical and already on my bridal registry. I love the bright color, because it is just more fun to use!

2 // One thing I need is a new heavy-duty performance camera like this Canon T3 12.2MP Digital SLR with Double Zoom Lens Kit. I’ve had my eye on a new camera for a long time for better in depth recipe-shooting. But it is more likely someone will buy me that mixer first!

3 // One thing to wear is this popover from J. Crew! I know, how revolutionary, white for Spring. But, hey, it’s all over the Spring 2013 runways, and nothing looks more crisp and fashion forward than a popover like this color-flecked one from J.Crew with a white or navy pencil skirt. I love this look for my Bridal Shower coming up in May—classy, but still modern.

4 // One thing to read is A Good Year by Peter Mayle. One of my favorite novels, it takes place in France with an English lead character. So of course I love it! A very good movie adaption was made a few years back with Russell Crow but I love this book whenever I want to take a vacation to the French countryside without paying for the plane ticket! Warning: This book makes you hungry and want to drink French wine.

So tell me, what color Kitchen Aid mixer is on your wish list? Or do you already have one in a fun color? I love this tangerine one! I keep telling Trevor that we simply have to get married so someone will buy it for me! Trevor being the logical one points out that buying a mixer for myself would be a lot cheaper than a wedding. Oh, my sensible other half.

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  1. But it's more fun if you get it at the wedding! Duh, Trevor.