Sunday, March 24, 2013


Snapshots from this week:
1 // My boys.
2 // First meal in New Mexico: shrimp tacos!
3 // Buddy loved the car ride.
4 // Our home. I can't wait to share more. I'm in love, people.
5 // Lots of hot air balloons above Rio Rancho this morning.

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This week I'm... 

Sitting at Starbucks to bring you this post! We aren't having internet installed until Tuesday but I didn't want to miss a week in this little series. After all, it's bad enough that I missed the very first week of the year.

Interviewing for four different jobs at four very different companies. Wish me luck?

Eating lots of guacamole and green chile, on everything. Mexican food is a long standing favorite for me and nothing thrills me more than seeing a big glob of guacamole piled on top of my breakfast, tacos, or burger. Yum.

Unpacking! I suppose that should be enough said about that. We've managed to unpack and organize the whole house aside from one room. Our new house is lacking in the shelf department so unfortunately, that room is piled full of books, office supplies, and everything else you can imagine.

Looking forward to seeing Santa Fe! It's funny to be in New Mexico, not only "being in" but "living in", after two years of listening to Trevor talk about nowhere but. At this point, we've only seen the Northwestern corner of the state and our little city of Rio Rancho but I can hardly wait to visit Albuquerque and Santa Fe tomorrow.

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