Sunday, March 31, 2013



Snapshots from this week:
1 // I conquered my fear of heights to walk across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, number four on my New Mexico bucket list.
2 // Coffee & chai from World Cup Taos; it's strange to finally visit places I've heard about for two years.
3 // Indian taco from Michael's Kitchen. I will never tire of Mexican food.
4 // Afternoon drinks at Evangelo's in Santa Fe. I couldn't help but laugh at this sign.

Favorite posts this week: 
Staying Motivated to Blog - Delightfully Tacky
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puppies on film - Deer Circus
Bloggers You Don’t Want to Be, Part 1 - Katelyn Brooke

This week I'm...

Planning my blogging calendar for the month of April! Right now, I am planning to start two new features. One will highlight books that I have read and my opinion of them. The second will be a series of posts on gluten free eating - not only recipes but lifestyle and shopping tips, explanations and features on my favorite products. Are there any topics you would like to see covered in April? More photos? More recipes? Leave a comment and let me know!

Catching up on photo editing and disk making. Can you believe I just now put these photos from September onto a disk for Steph? Worst. Friend. Ever.

Looking for the perfect maxi skirt. Long. Black. Cotton? Jersey? Help a girl out.

Nervous about starting a new job this week! On Friday I accepted a position with a Santa Fe animal hospital. As you know, that is completely out of my scope of knowledge. I've spent the weekend learning medical terminology and emergency call procedures.

Loving New Mexico! Really. I didn't think I could love a place so quickly but I now understood why everyone kept saying "welcome home". I can't wait to share our new little house and home with you, I think you're going to love it. Check back later this week for photos of yesterday's trip to Taos!

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