Thursday, April 4, 2013

Snapshots | On The Road


I have been meaning to stop in and share a few snapshots from our moving journey but with guest posts to share, a house to unpack, and the start of a new job, I hadn't found the time until now. You don't mind pictures seeing the pictures a few days (or maybe a week and a half) late, do you?

Our seventeen hour drive took us through Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico - adding three new states to my list. Along the way I was disappointed in hitting Idaho snow, amazed by the red rocks of Utah, and uncomfortable with the hotel arrangements we encountered in middle-of-nowhere Colorado.

I don't know that I will ever tire of seeing America. While living in New Mexico the first time, a man who had traveled the world mentioned to Trevor that it made no sense to travel outside of America until you had seen most of the country's states and regions. We get so wrapped up in visiting foreign and exotic locals, that we take for granted the variety within our own country. Living in Pennsylvania, Montana and New Mexico has engrained that idea deep within my mind; each state is so different and yet we function as a single entity.

While I spent the weeks proceeding the move complaining about the impending drive, I have no complaints about the hours spent laughing at Buddy's road trip antics or listening to Trevor's attempts to sing along with the strange African tribal music his iPod insisted on playing.

These photos are just a quick look at our drive, a fun reminder of the journey that brought us here.

So tell me, how many states have you visited? Which region of the United States is your favorite? Which is on your list to visit? I've loved the Southwest since my first visit to Arizona but I can't wait to see the Pacific Coast or the states of New England.


  1. Great pictures! I haven't visited any states yet but hopefully end of the year I will embark on the 8-10 hour flight from London and make my mark on Ohio, Maryland, and New York!! :)

    1. I am originally from the East Coast so those are states that I know well - though you are missing Pennsylvania, perhaps my favorite of all ;] I would love to see London, though!

  2. That's so funny to see snow and desert in one trip!Sounds like your playlist needs some more Deathcab...

    1. It was so strange - we saw all four seasons in one trip. Stranger yet, we went from 20s and snowing, every day.. to 70s and sunny, every day. As for the Death Cab, I couldn't agree more!

  3. These are beautiful!
    Best wishes, Vanessa