Saturday, April 2, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.

Saturday mornings.
Slinky races.
Strawberry pancakes.
[Which everyone hated.. despite the added sugar & vanilla.]
The Rescuers Down Under.
Little girl leggings.
[And not changing out of them until eleven o'clock.]
Brushing teeth.
Not brushing hair.
[The girls hate brushing their hair but love brushing pulling mine.]
Wally & Pansy.
[The girls "best friends" (aka. stuffed animals).]
Building blocks.
Playing restaurant.
[Even if it means drinking "furball tee" and eating "walrus burgers. Strange.]
Painting rainbows.
My littles.

[This snapshot of my Saturday is brought to you by 
Saturday Snapshots from yellow songbird. 
How'd you spend your Saturday?]

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