Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out of My System

A five to seven paper on the power of online fundraising resources looms overhead as I sit here and get this out of my system. It's not like I haven't seen you in a while blog, but we've got a lot of catching up to do none the less.

Yesterday, I managed to pick up Death Cab tickets from the coolest fifty-some-year-old-man in the Camp Hill Giant Parking lot. Hours later, Death Cab realeased more North American tour dates, including both Philly and Pittsburgh. Oh, the irony.

Then, after inviting my mom to Isaac's for lunch, I get a text message. A picture message, actually. Apprarently, Aiden couldn't wait until after school for a hair cut and now has a fabulous faux hawk given to him by Sean, our 18 year old brother. I laughed so hard that I'm surprised I wasn't kicked out of the restaurant. A big kudos to the Rossmoyne Isaac's though - they asked if I'd like my gluten free sandwich done on a seperate, designated wheat-free grill. Score.

Of course after getting home, I had to photograph the new hair cut for all of you to see. It's shocking how much of a difference a haircut can make. It's also shocking how different shooting with a 50mm prime lens can be. (In a good way)

Then somehow, I managed to leave the sunshine for a three and a half hour class on criminal law. Thank goodness I decided to attend class for once - I was exempt from the final, on the condition that I stayed for class. At least I learned about the "fruits of the forbidden tree"and other ways to get out of criminal law suits. Great.

Today consisted of the usual - babysitting to work. Unlike usual, the girls behaved horrifically. And, the first segment of work was dedicated to photographing the restaurant and food for our new website. Fabulous. Not to mention, eating chocolate mousse and whipped cream after it melted in the humidity. Oops.

If you think that chocolate mousse looks good, you should probably become a fan on facebook.

Now, the next day or two consists of...

Waiting for my package from Photojojo. For some reason, it was sent from South Dakota to Philadelphia then back to Harrisburg before coming to Wellsville. No wonder our postal service is going broke and closing service lines. Sometimes I'm not sure wether the priority mail tracking feature is a good thing or a bad thing. It sure makes me anxious.

Hopefully that means my package will be arriving tomorrow around the mail's usual time - 11:15. Right after a much-needed hair cut and right before leaving for a night's stay at Ryan's. Too bad my day with Ryan includes a four hour appointment and skin testing at the allergists. Joy.

Then a Friday consisting of turning in this paper that I'm stalling at writing. A Saturday of work. And a Sunday shopping for clothes for a Monday morning interview.

At least I'm only two days of three finals away from the end of my sophomore year and time at Penn State York.

Now that that's out of my system.. Hopefully five pages of information will find their way out too.

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