Friday, April 1, 2011

Frivolous Friday

I want to take a moment to apologize for the lack of blog updates. Shuffling between house/hotel/job1/job2/school/ryan's leaves little time for writing and somehow, I've been without my camera too. (That my friends, is torture.) Next week should find me at home (with a new bedroom.. more about that to come) and back to regularly posting. But, despite the lack of fabulous photos taken by me (haha.. fabulous, right - please note, all product photos shown below were taken by their creators!) and the lack of time to write and quite frankly, not much to say - here I am. So, it's a frivolous Friday filled with the fabulous things I've found thinking, planning, day-dreaming, browsing the internet and rummaging through thrift stores this week. (Besides, it's April Fools Day - I couldn't possibly be too serious.)

There is one thing I am being serious about today, and everyday, is cancer. AbolishCancer is promoting that #CancersNoJoke today, on a day known for comedy. The goal is to remind you that its not a huge charitable donation that matters. If one person donates $1 million or 1 million people donate $1 - cancer is still being beat. Donate $1 to your favorite cancer charity today.

If you are looking for a laugh this April Fool's day though, check out the tweets from the missing (well, now found) Bronx Zoo Cobra. Maybe I need to get out more but I've been laughing for days.

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But don't worry, there are a lot of things I love that have nothing to do with twitter:
Courtesy of Shutter Sisters
If you are anything like me, lists are a helpful way-of-love. Color-coded ones are better (thank you, Sharpie for so many beautifully colored highlighters). Agendas, post-it notes and white boards organize my days/weeks/months (sometimes even hours) but I've fallen in love with this inspiring little chalkboard. It makes a to-do list seem like a good thing. I'm debating taking a swing at trying to make my own but if you're like me and need one of these ASAP, they're available on etsy.

Plus, I was looking for some more green accents for my bedroom anyway.

Speaking of accenting my bedroom. Yesterday was spent rummaging through used furniture for chairs for my bedroom. I scored two little oak beauties - only problem is, someone had a dog with a thing for chewing the furniture. I'm working on a little project to take these chairs from a thrift store find to something chic & fun. If it goes well, I'll run you through the little project next week.

And while I'm at it, I'm going to attempt this yellow songbird tutorial, too. A too-cute way to display earrings and headbands, plus a bonus for my incessant love of all things crafty.

Other things I'm loving today?

Rosettes and Ruffles. Maybe I have a thing for the name (Jennifer Rose, ahem) but lately, I've fallen for anything with these little fabric flowers or shimmery fabrics. Headbands above all - not that I need anymore of those.

The pearl accented centers and soft colors of these rosettes are to die for. They also add a much needed spring boost to any outfit. Even better, Cotton Lane creates lots of handmade products that are also eco-friendly, a very important bonus with Earth Day just around the corner! Buy yourself one to celebrate? Also, do I need to mention that "ballerina" is part of the name? 

I'm head over heels for these headbands made by just.lovely.things and to tell you the truth, her blog is just lovely too. These will make the perfect spring accessory and her packaging will brighten your day when you receive your new headband in the mail.

I will be hosting my first food allergy awareness event in two short weeks! Or rather, be part of an event. For those of you who aren't part of the Penn State York community, we have one special event each year that (surprisngly) a lot of students attend - Unity Day. (Part of Unity Week) The goal is to celebrate and spread awareness about the diversity on our campus. But to most students it's known for a fabulous schmorgas board of diverse foods. This year, allergy-friendly foods will be featured too! Brought to you by well, me! and Udi's Gluten Free Foods! So, plan on stopping by on April 14th for some yummy, free, and allergy-friendly food!

Can you believe there's no wheat? No? Then come see me! (Photo ©Jessica Grenier Photography)
Despite my anguish that Death Cab for Cutie tickets sold out for the East Coast in minutes, I'm loving their new single. You are a Tourist. Their new album comes out this May and I've already preordered it. If there's a band I can't get enough of, it's this one. Listen and fall in love:

And last but not least, I want to give a big congratulations to the new THON 2012 overall committee. This means that despite the date, 2012 is here. You can get to know each of the new committee overalls over at the THON blog! As far as my inolvement in THON 2012.. look forward to a big announcement coming up soon!

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