Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Not-So Usual Friday

To mix up a typical Friday in my life, I normally take:

1 Early Morning Wake-up
1 Breakfast on the Go
2 1/2 Hours of MIS
16 oz. of Dr. Pepper
3 1/2 Hours of Littles
1 Tu-tu
5 Hours of Work
53 Customers

and blend them on high speed for approximately 18 hours.

This friday? It was the low-calorie version, I suppose. Cut ingredients but an added splash of sweetness. Somehow I even managed to sleep right through Ryan's alarm and woke up wrapped in my iPhone charger - great, right? But waking up with Ryan is always worth it, especially when you don't have class on your last day of classes for the year. (and my boyfriends a cutie. love you.)

Unfortunately, the reason behind why I was at Ryan's wasn't quite as fabulous. After a four hour allergy doctor appointment, multiple skin tests and the depressing new that I'm allergic to hamsters. (Yeah, apparently that's possible), I didn't feel up to driving to and attending class. Welts the size of quarters will do that to a girl. Don't worry, I'll spare you the disgusting photo of my back. The doctor sent me home with self help packets, new medications and instructions to find my hammie a new home. Oh, Delilah.

But anyways.. Of course it was also the Friday of the Royal Wedding. I don't know about history in the making or the comparisons to Dianne's wedding - hello people, I was born 10 years after that happened. However, I do know that it was fairytale romance at its finest and that I need a carriage. and lace sleeves. Definitely lace sleeves.

Kate's style has always been fabulous - every day. Anyone thinking her dress would be different? Uncomprehendible.

But of course, with two little princesses (three, today), we had to celebrate the Royal Wedding right. In princess dresses, with tea cups and finger sandwiches and speaking in British accents. Besides, we got to eat candy bird nests, too.

Then, after trying (and failing) to work this evening, I was able to spend the night shopping with my momma. Fantastic finds? I think so.

New journal (from Mead school supplies - of course!). I fell in love with it at K-mart a few days ago but wasn't willing to spend eleven dollars for a journal.. despite the floral print and ribbon bookmark. Instead, I found it at Ollie's just across the street - four dollars and perforated pages, too.

I also found the perfect expanding file (from DiVoga) at Office Max. I'm feeling pink, lately. It must be the extra pollen in the air or the need for all things sunny and warm after the rainy days of late. I'm hoping it will help organize a few things in my life. Including the special surprise hidden on my THON page. Hm!

via Photojojo.

After (poorly) shooting with these gems yesterday, I found myself aching for a different lens and for a smaller camera bag. I'm lost in no man's land between carrying a body, four lenses and countless other things and just my camera itself. Thank you Ollie's for taking care of that problem for the low price of $9.99.

The main point of the shopping trip? Clothes for a special interview Monday - the details of which will remain confidential until, well, at least Monday afternoon. But one outfit is never enough which is why I added a new dress, a dress shirt, a pair of dress pants for work (your welcome, guys), a pair of athletic pants (WHERE ARE MY LEGGINGS?) and a pair of purple flats to my wardrobe.

All in all? a fabulous Friday. I'll take it as a sign of what's to come this weekend including that much needed haircut, cleaning my room, a night at work (and in pants, none the less) and endless butterflies over that interview I didn't tell you about.

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