Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Showers

Seem to grow everyday. They're no longer showers, even. More like storms, thunder, lightning, and even tornadoes striking the local mall. Really. 

Central pennsylvania. Strange, I know. Thankgoodness Ryan & I cancelled our plans to see a movie in that very mall.. which is now missing a roof and leaking gas. 

Part of me All of me is getting exhausted at constantly waking up to the rain. Constantly writing about the rain. Photographing the rain. Being consumed by the rain. A small fraction of me enjoys the smell, and the opportunity to take pictures like these between the rain drops.

Despite the weather, Ryan and I set out for an adventure. Red Lion holds their prom in April and unfortunately, they were blessed with April showers - of course. Thankfully for me, Ryan offered to drive to the wrong address in the GPS, I mean Lindsey's.

Despite the weather, Lindsey looked gorgeous - as always. And while pictures had to be taken inside, we made the most of it and dodged Steeler's football memorabilia in the shots.

All I can say is that hopefully this rain pays off with May flowers and sunshiney days.

Today is another important day. Today marks one year of treatment for Kasey. While I cannot wait until we celebrate "one year without treatment" - I want to take a moment to say how amazed I am by this little girl & her amazing attitude through each and every treatment. Kase has come a long way in a year and continues to go further each day, getting closer to maintenance, to no more treatment, to a year without treament and life cancer-free.
 I'm so proud of you Kase. Never give up. 

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