Monday, April 11, 2011

Itchy, Watering Eyes.

and the other more fortunate side effects of spring.

Come April, each year, I know that spring has arrived when the sneezing begins and the allergy pills quickly leave their bottle. Typically, a few sunny days and some light rain precede this other tale-tell sign of the season's arrival. This year? Not so much.

April has been eleven days filled with little sun, much rain and surprisingly, a late start to the itchy eyes. Today, spring (or perhaps summer) decided to finally show it's face with blue skys, eighty (yes, eighty) degree weather and adventures.

To the laundry mat and the lake. All in one day.
Living the life.

The day started with the realization that we could wear shorts. Fabulous. Shorts in April.
Unfortunately, I didn't have any so a t-shirt, jeggings & Sperrys would have to do, as always.

Then, Aiden decided we must, simply must, take pictures of the flowers which began to bloom. Yellows and pinks dot the lawn with tiny blue and purple weed flowers between them.

Then, after dropping off laundry, we managed to take a ten-minute adventure to Pinchot Park - just in time for Aiden to make it to school. We watched the boats and fishermen, walked along the lake and looked at the plants growing in the water, wondered why the conversation department officers were looking at us so strangely but more than anything, we enjoyed Spring.

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