Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Mornings

We’re enjoying April mornings. The girls are lucky to have a weeklong Easter break, while Penn State gives us not even one day. Ironically, Annika's preschool class' Isabella Tiger Moths hatched the first day of a break - to an empty classroom. Phone calls were made and by 9 am, almost all eight kids were in miniature chairs around miniature tables coloring construction paper cutouts of moths.

I felt blessed to be invited to be a part of the adventures. The bug poking. The release of the moths into the wild. (More correctly, the butterfly garden behind the playground.)

And since it started as a nice day outside (for once, no rain), we headed to the park.

By the time we finally got to the park (after making and eating PB&J, packing waterbottles, changing diapers and finding socks) it wasn't so much of a "nice day" anymore. It was overcast, rain threatened to start at any minute. Thankfully, the rain held out for a few games of tag, hanging out in the "fairy tunnel" and placing ice cream truck.

"Would you like wet or dry mulch sprinkles on your ice cream cone?"

Annika took this one - she's getting good!


But today, it's back to rain and days spent baking cookies, eating Mac n' Cheese and watching "HUHLARIOUS" movies - not that I can complain about that either.

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