Thursday, April 14, 2011

Counting Down

To those of you who may be reading this - I have a bit of a request. Please send extra thoughts, love & prayers to Kasey. After another round of vincristine, Kase is fighting a fever at Hershey tonight.

But, she still has the most stylish bed on 7W.

 Never give up, Kase.

I find myself counting down the last few weeks of classes, papers and failing accounting exams. I long for warm weather, driving with my sunroof down, spending my days with Aiden, relaxing and maybe most of all, for my boyfriend to be home.

Days like today, they don't help the problem.

Unity Day is a Penn State York tradition. An event to display the diversity of our campus and to celebrate the unity we have despite it all. It's that great idea "WE ARE" put together in one small gymnasium filled with dancing students, music, worldly foods and photo displays.

I was happy to be a part of Unity Day with two displays - one for my recent trip to Paris for the new year, another for students with food allergies.

Hey, we're unique.
And part of the campus.

For more information on my food allergy display, visit my new blog dedicated to food allergies, living gluten free and simply eating better and healthier.

The event was a success with musical groups, dancing performances, a fashion show and almost twenty different displays from clubs, organizations and cultural groups.

Needless to say though, two hours of answering questions, taking photos and handing out samples left me exhausted. I ditched my plan of working on astronomy homework for four hours (oops) and instead, I find myself here.

With my computer, iPhoto, blogger and Imogen Heap playing on my apple TV.

Wondering what's new in my life? The closest thing I've got to exciting is buying a TV and apple TV for it. And so here's another shameless plug for all things mac. I can control my computer and television remotely through my iPhone 4. I can stream netflix, play itunes, view a slideshow of my flickr, and more on a 26 inch screen with the help of a device the size of my palm. Brilliant? I think so.

In other news, these came today. Exciting? Intimidating?
I haven't decided which.

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