Friday, April 22, 2011

Saturday Night Lovin'

What am I loving tonight? For starters, my risque blog post title for a post that concerns nothing risque at all. But really, my blogging life (or my real life, perhaps) has been lacking lately so here I am to do a random, fun-oriented, slightly-pointless post about the things I'm loving the most right now.

Being in my Kasey's Krusaders shirt for pajamas after an eleven-hour day of waitressing. My feet ache, my back hurts, I can't correctly pronounce "Escolar" anymore but at least I'm sending good thoughts to my favorite little girl. I'm also loving my crazy curls, they seem to get more intense everyday. Does this mean summer is on the way? Or maybe it's all the rain. Plus, my hair is getting long. 12 inches in October? No problem.

That within the next week, this beauty will be arriving to my mailbox. For those of you staring at the image trying to figure out what in the world I'm talking about - this is a wide angle and macro lens adapter. The best part? It fits all three of my lenses at no extra cost and doesn't add a pound of weight to my bag. With it will be a bounce flash because I learned the beauty of even lighting with the help of a white business card last weekend. Unfortunately, though it is free, it's quite impossible to hold a business card above my camera while snapping photos. I love photojojo and you should too.

While I may have done poorly on my Management Information Systems exam this morning, a few precious hours with Ryan were well worth it. He's so cute - it took all I had not to snuggle up with my sick-boy and sleep the day away. My exam schedule had other thoughts though. 
[For those of you wondering... yes, he WILL kill me when he sees this is online.]

I'm loving that in forty-two days, I will be seeing these wonderfully talented men in concert. Death Cab for Cutie has defined my music tastes since Middle School and seeing them at the Trocadero in Philadelphia with Ryan is a dream come true. Cliche? yes. True? very. After tickets sold out in moments, I was heartbroken but luckily Craigslist, Ticketmaster and PayPal have saved the day once again.

This new spring-colored-striped wristlet by Relic that I got at Kohl's last week. It's just what I've been looking for! It holds all my credit cards, my ID, my keys, my phone, cash and checks in one place - with plenty of room to spare. 

Bloglove. A Beautiful Mess is my newest blog obsession and if you take five minutes to check it out, I think you'll see why. Combine that with the RSS reader on my new phone? I'm set for life. Speaking of apps... I can now deposit my paycheck via photo? Brilliant. I love my iPhone (and PNC) more and more each day.

Slightly inappropriate but highly amusing. This is the only thing that got me through to a second shift at work after a table barging in despite the "closed" sign with a bottle of wine and plans of staying for a while. 

But more than anything, I'm loving that it's Easter weekend. And while I unfortunately cannot make it to dinner with Ryan's family tomorrow (thanks, work) - I'm still enjoying painted eggs, glitter and biodegradable corn-based grass in rainbow colors. It is Earth Day after all.

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