Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snapshots: Through the Tahoe Window

One of the things I love about Montana is that it’s not crowded - little towns and “cities” are spread apart, connected only by highways with 75 mph speed limits. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), that means a lot of time spent traveling - especially since we visited Deer Lodge, Bozeman, Missoula and Butte, during my seven day trip. It’s hard to complain about the commute when the scenery lining the highways is so beautiful and ever changing, though. One minute you see mountains and evergreens - the next, open plains with almost desert like qualities. Plus, I secretly love going for drives in my boyfriend’s big red Tahoe (with all of it’s space and heated leather seats). Countless times on our trips, Trevor pulled over so that I could take just the right photo. Other times, like for these snapshots, I simply used Instagram as he continued along at eighty miles an hour. It’s good to know that in twenty-three (hopefully short) days, we will be making the drive from Bozeman to Anaconda once again.

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