Saturday, June 23, 2012


Though I don’t live at home any longer, I still enjoy the benefits of our family garden none the less. I’ve been meaning to share with you a zucchini lasagna recipe I made last week using only home grown zucchini and spinach but my time has been monopolized with photography jobs, working six days a week, and preparing for my trip.

Despite my busy to-do list, I snuck in a lot of time at my parents house this week since the north east's heat streak has kept my little city home at above 89 degrees (until today, when it finally cooled to a reasonable 83). Tonight, after sneaking in last minute first-year portraits for the daughter of a  high school friend, I came home to enjoy the air conditioning, a home cooked dinner and my favorite part, time with Aiden. (Though he’s now taken with singing clever songs about zombies.. Oh. My.)

Right before the sun finally set around 8:30, we snuck out into the garden for a few handfuls of sweet peas and blackberries. As usual, rows of corn have grown up to shadow the other crops which include eggplant, zucchini, leaf lettuce, cucumbers, and snap peas. Now, I’m snuggled up the living room with a hint of sunburn and apparently, a fever. If it weren’t for the Business and Society exam I need to finish by 8 a.m., perhaps I’d share that lasagna recipe... but for now, here’s a sneak peek to show you just how great a family garden can be. (Check back early this week for the recipe!)

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