Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rock-A-Bye Babe

June 9th, 2012
4:24 p.m.
8lb 1oz - 20.25 in.

I spent my afternoon in one of my favorite spots - on my best friend’s couch - but this time, it was different. This was the afternoon I had been anticipating for almost nine months. Today, we spent our time together admiring a cute button nose, and tickling little baby feet. Our conversations weren’t about guy troubles, how hard our day at work was or the hundreds of things we wanted to do this summer. Instead, we talked about sleeping troubles, baby growth spurts and the silly sounds that Joey makes, even when he sleeps. We wondered what babies dream about when you finally manage to get them to sleep. We passed binkies and bottles to each other, cleaned dripping milk messes and eventually managed to sit down for lunch as Joey slept in his swing. I was in awe as I watched my best friend sooth her new baby to sleep, I was amazed at how Joey always seemed to know just when his mom left the room - even with his eyes closed. I remembered how fragile just new babes seem to be and realized that just a year ago, things were so different for us. Over the past nine months, I’ve watched my college best friend grow into a beautiful and perfect mother. I’ve spent those months reassuring her that she would know exactly what Joey needed, or how to take care of him just right - but today, watching her, it made my hopes and reassurance seem insufficient - she was born to do this. I know that this is just the beginning but my best friend is already the perfect Mama to her little Joe Joe Bean. Steph - I love you so much and am so lucky to call you my best friend. I couldn’t be happier for you and your new, perfect, little family. Besides, I think he’s the cutest little babe I’ve seen.

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