Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainy Days

It seems as though the weather only has two options in the last few weeks - unbearably hot, or unbearably rainy. With my trip to Montana drawing closer and closer, I made plans to spend the day with Aiden. Lately, I’ve found myself spending most of my time at home alone, doing homework, tying up loose ends before my trip, cleaning..  So at first, I had an extensive list of options for our day and couldn’t seem to decide on any one choice - the zoo, the swimming pool, the beach. But then, the weather forecast changed and as you know, we were left with a wet, muggy, summer day (just another reason I’m leaving for the summer). Instead of our grandiose outdoor plans, Aiden and I settled for a day of painting at Color Me Mine, followed by a chinese buffet lunch (Aiden’s favorite) and his first trip to Sweet Frog.

Given the extensive options of pottery pieces to chose from - ranging from piggy banks in the shape of baseballs to ruffle edged tea pots - Aiden chose an army tank and me? A coffee mug. If you know anything about my youngest brother, it’s that he loves anything military or camoflauge. Combine it with art and you have a great way to spend nearly three hours on a rainy day. I chose to paint my mug, which will be the host to many cups of hot tea this summer, in a tribal pattern. Looking at the unfinished version, you may question if I ever took art classes - and let me promise you, I did - but an inpatient seven-year old calls for rushed designs. And the best part? When you’re drawing straight lines and he’s constantly kicking under the table. But hey, I’m sure I’ll be missing those kicks and silly never ending stories soon enough. I’m trying to figure out how to safely transport said mug to Montana so that I can think of my day with Aiden each morning. We’ll see.

In other news, I also managed to finally make a trip to the store for much needed makeup and even managed to clean the entire house, tonight. (The rain is good for some things, after all.) And while I’m glad to have accomplished some required tasks and to have gained the well deserved x’s on my to-do list, tonight I’m just feeling thankful for time spent with my own family this week - and Trevor’s.

I’m also feeling anxious (if you know me, you probably realized that when I mentioned cleaning the house) because tomorrow kicks off a busy fifteen day count down until my plane leaves Philadelphia once again. With a more than full work schedule, two summer courses, an internship interview, a newborn babe to snuggle, and multiple photography sessions to do, I’m hoping that these next two weeks will simply fly by.

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