Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snapshots: “Home Sweet Home"

It’s official - in twenty-four days, this is the place that I will be calling home (until September, that is). 1100 E. 5th Street is a cute, quirky, little home complete with red wooden siding, a green shingled room, a cozy backyard and a long list of things to do. While in Montana, I joined Trevor, Scott and Michelle for a trip to Home Depot where we chose bathroom materials and building supplies to begin the process of repairs. I was lucky enough to be in Montana for Trevor’s first meal cooked in the new house - steak and corn on the cob, yum. Even better, I was able to take over the kitchen (and all of it’s retro appliances) to cook him a birthday dinner - gluten-free pasta with chicken, bacon, tomato and avocado. We spent much of our week settling into this new home, cleaning the yard, snuggling on the couch, taking care of school work and being thankful for the days that we could sleep in. (Of the more than 7,000 photographs I’ve taken this past year, the one of Trevor and Buddy in bed is perhaps my favorite.) I have to say that I’m really looking forward to a summer of home improvement projects, laying in the hammock and getting to fall asleep with my boyfriend every night.. even if that means being 2200 miles from my other home.

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