Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Summer Goals

I feel like I often write about my life, my plans and the people around me in this little online space but I don't often write about myself directly. Though most of you are family and friends, some of you are not. Even if you are - perhaps you want to know more. A few weeks ago, I wrote my first Ten on Tuesday post. This weekend, I decided it'd make a great weekly feature and more importantly, a great way to get to know me. While some of you are here only for the photos I post, others like the words I write - here's to a happy balance and finding more time for words.

This week's Ten on Tuesday is about summer goals.

1. Make something.
Which means figuring out why my sewing machine isn't working and once I do, to create something fabulous from the pile of fabric accumulating on my closet shelf.

2. Read more books.
So far, so good. I am currently reading two photography books - one on portraiture, another on color correction. The second of which is mind-numbing. I have set a list of photography goals for myself which include reading one photography or marketing related book each month - a subset to this summer goal.

3. Find a car.
Last October, during a fight with my best friend, on what was possibly the worst day I've ever had, and on my way to Kasey's house - I wrecked my car. Rear-ended a boy my age.. splattering coca-cola over everything, being hit with an airbag, destroying the front end of my car, causing weeks of agonizing phone calls and junk yard searches. While my car was eventually pieced together, it has no working airbags and I spend way too much time driving on the highway for such a risky situation.

4. Buy a bicycle and make time to ride it.
Self-explanitory. Though, a teal bicycle would be extra fabulous.

5. Put a hammock on my balcony.
This seems like a ridiculous goal, I know but coming from the girl who never stops - it's important. I need to make time for relaxing, reading, stopping and napping. Yes, my goal is to nap. It could be worse.

6. Visit as many places as possible.
[and photograph them, too.]
While I've made one trip to Philadelphia this summer, another is in the works. Baltimore, DC, New York and Pittsburgh have all made the very-likely-going-to-happen soon list; while Texas and the Florida Keys are tossed around for work.

7.  Run. Play tennis. Play racquetball. Do not play frisbee.
I'm finally at a point in my life where thank-the-Lord, I can breathe. After years of asthma, I can finally run and I plan to make the most of it.

8. Sell my useless things.
While the fire helped take care of this problem, I still have so many things. A guitar I never play. Art supplies I never use. Clothes I never wear.

9. Paint something, anything.
Holding a paintbrush in hand at ArtsFest is a constant reminder of a past hobby, lost. My easel, paints and pallettes sit beneath my desk where they've remained unopened in over a year. Summer means the ability to paint outside and to have the time to complete a project.

10. Spend as much time as possible with the people I love.
Ryan. Aiden. My parents. Sean. College friends. High school friends. I spend a lot of my time working, behind a camera, on my computer working and planning fundraising events - I need to redistribute that mix to include a little fun and quality time.

As the summer progresses, I will keep you updated with where I stand with these goals. I hope to have them all crossed off the list by September 1st. What are your summer goals?

ps. I already started on goal number 10 when I spent the day with some of my favorite THON families. Here's a sneak preview of photos to come. You didn't think I could write an entire blog post without photos, did you?


  1. 10. Spend as much time as possible with the people I love.
    Sean? Really?

  2. Do not play frisbee. It results in loss of teeth.
    I know this from experience.

    ps. Got your email. Will respond when I have three seconds to breathe. Love the picture of K&M