Friday, June 17, 2011

"I'm gonna tell Mom!"

Tuesday, I got to spend all day with some of my favorite kids - kids I hadn't seen since February. I keep telling myself that my priorities need aligned so that I can spend more time with friends, family & Ryan but.. like usual, I simply pile more things onto my plate instead.

Sometimes it's nice to stop for a day and..

Hike in the woods.
Listen to Taylor Swift.
Drive with the sunroof open.
Play basketball.
Eat Subway.
Give piggyback rides.
Gossip about boys.

and just relax.

If you can call hanging out with Maddie, Katie & Sydney relaxing, that is.
Maybe it's not relaxing but it's definitely good medicine for a schedule filled to the brim.

A terrible picture but Syd's face is priceless.


The rest of the week was a little busier, even though I didn't work at the studio this week. I've been busy working on my own photography work, moving my photography blog over to blogger, changing website colors and ordering custom printed packaging supplies - I'm pretty excited about the last part. Things are looking up with a wedding to shoot in September, and family portraits to do too. 

With less time spent at work this week, I've spent my week working on Kasey's Birthday celebration, tying up loose ends with old friends, formalizing a Light the Night team, and trying to organize my room/computer.

But, it's Friday. 
Friday means working three shifts in a row. Missing Relay for Life. Not attending Niki's bonfire. And this week, Father's Day.

Hopefully your day is a little more optimistic than mine - Happy Friday.

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