Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

Sometimes, I tell stories about my brother Sean and people seem confused.. they go, "wait, isn't he six?!" Apparently, I don't talk about Sean much so it seems like the perfect time for a formal blog introduction.

Sean is eighteen. He's a county boy, through and through. When he isn't making pizzas at our local pizza shop (who has gluten-free pizza, might I add!) - he's hunting, fishing or getting into some sort of trouble. Lately, his hobbies include jumping off bridges into shallow water. You'll know he's coming if you see a blue dodge truck with a loud engine and deer & raccoon hunting decals plastering the back window.

Our relationship changes faster than the moon's cycles, as our tolerance for one another waxes and wanes. Somedays, like yesterday, we're great. Other days, he greats me as "slut" and I think that if I have to see his face again - I really will die. But, that's what siblings are for, I suppose. Besides, I've always been thankful that I have brothers. Happy, healthy and sometimes annoying ones at that.

My brother has never enjoyed school and has been dragging through his senior year for the past few months. In that time, he became a certified EMT, certified ambulance driver, a cook, and now - a graduate.

For me, that meant attending Northern High School's 60th graduation services. Despite my pleas to leave for the church early in hopes of decent seating and decent photos - we walked in and found our way to the top of the balcony seating available. From there, we sat through multiple faculty presentations, the longest key-note speech I've ever heard, three student speeches, a moment of silence to pay our respects to Ned Kistler, my freshman biology and favorite teacher, who passed away in May, and ultimately roll call through 279 diplomas, while only caring about one.


At least the Valedictorian's speech was themed around a Finding Nemo metaphor with plenty of life lessons. Really.


Yes, he really did graduate in a pair of work boots. Like I said, country boy through and through.
I also want to take a minute to congratulate two other graduates - two of my favorite people, really. Though I couldn't be at their graduation ceremonies, I am extremely happy for them as they move onto bigger and more fabulous things. 

I may have stolen Lindsey's picture from facebook ;]
I was heart-broken when, for the first time in months, I was scheduled to work Thursday. I had every intention of watching Lindsey graduate and to celebrate with her afterwords. Plans never seem to work out for us, just ask Lindsey. Still, I managed to sneak over after work and not be able to find her house - like usual. In the fall, Lindsey will be attending Kutztown and I'm beyond excited for her. Even if it means my little sister is leaving me. 

Dear Lindsey,

Congratulations on graduating and escaping from the unfortunate time of life known as High School.  
Believe it or not, you pulled off gold well. 
I'm so glad you weren't the one wearing those purple shoes. Oh, Kiley. 
Thank you for inviting me to your graduation, I'm so so sorry I couldn't be there. 
My only worry now is that Kutztown can't handle you.

Your big sister.

This is my high school best friend, who you might recognize, Steph. A few weeks ago, she graduated from Westminster College. Shortly after, she received a job offer from FedEx as a Financial Analyst. That meant finding an apartment and moving in.. all in less than three weeks. And she did it. Now, she's back to Pittsburgh, her job, and her apartment. Like I said - where did the time go?

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