Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Senior Portraits: Liz Allen

My senior year of High School had a lot of memorable moments, like my own senior pictures. Homecoming, perhaps. Terrible and wonderful teachers, both.

One of the clearest memories of that year was a first period study-hall class. Mrs.Emig was the advisor of the study hall and being the cool seniors we were, most of us had honor's passes to leave the room and spend the forty minutes in the empty cafeteria playing Slamwich, texting and forgetting we were locked inside the school building at all. 

But one morning, the girl who sat right in front of me threw her backpack on the ground (you know, how all students do at 7:40am) and crash. It was clear that glass had shattered in her bag.

At this point, the entire class turns to stare which her background starts oozing red liquid and she's almost in tears. Trying to be a bit helpful, I rushed to get paper towels. Public school paper towels were no match for the mild salsa now covering this poor girls clothes, backpack, books and homework.

& that's how I met Liz.
Who could have known at that moment that less than a year later, her family would be such a huge part of my life?

I feel like I've known Liz forever - four years, not quite. Many of you will see her pictures and think, "huh. I think I know that girl." More likely, you've seen photos of her sisters countless times. On my facebook. On this blog. From THON. From home. It just so happens that Becca is a spitting image of Liz & that made photographing her even more fun.

I don't have a lot to say other than to sigh a big sigh of relief. The sigh that says "I accomplished Senior Pictures with someone who is not related to me, in the slightest." Yes, that's an accomplishment! The clear skies weren't in our favor and we managed to defeat them, too.

Luckily for me, Liz is wonderfully photogenic, a natural behind the camera. Her friend Cat came along for.. well, I'm not sure her intentions but, she did a fabulous job of making Liz laugh. The only downside? I have fifty frames of Liz mid-sentence. Oops.

Trust me when I say that this picture sums up the entire evening.

We chose to take the pictures at Messiah College. For those of you who know the campus, you can see why. I was heartbroken to see the red bridge in disarray with "do not enter" signs posted in front. Instead, we swung on a suspended bridge, as pictured above - not for the weak of stomach. (Ahem, me.)

Despite losing my iPhone in a church parking lot, running into high school classmates, rolling backwards down a hill toward poison sumac, and nearly falling from the swinging bridge - I'd say it was a successful trip.

ps. I hope you're enjoying the background song. I read my own blog simply to listen to it.
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