Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Summer Lovin'

Today marks the first official day of summer. Though I've been celebrating a season filled with sunscreen, late nights, no classes and extra time with Ryan for almost the past two moments, I'd like to stop and give summer a warm welcome.

That's why today's Ten on Tuesday list is about the things I'm loving this summer.

1. It is officially the summer of nail polish. For some reason, I find myself much more motivated to paint my nails regularly once summer starts. Perhaps it is because of exposed toes in strappy sandals, or the extra free time. Either way, I'm loving all kinds of nail polish this summer but especially Sally Hansen's (Sally is my favorite brand!) crackle overcoat in Ink Splatter and Fractured Foil and Deborah Lippmann in just about any color but especially Across the Universe, Today Was A Fairytale and Some Enchanted Evening. I can't wait to own every color in both collections. If you want to own some Lippmann nail polish of your own, you can order it from What She Buys with free, same day, shipping (if you order by noon!).

2. For those of us with curly locks, summer can be a real issue with humid and chlorine filled days. Typically, I cut my hair short before the summer but this year, I am trying to donate 12 inches to Wigs for Kids on October 30th. Instead of complaining about my long hair, throwing it in a messy bun or letting it look terrible day after day - I wear it in a braid, constantly. Thanks to Pinterest, I'm always finding new fun braids to try. Some work, some don't. But you can always rely on a good french braid.

3. Jewelry is my favorite accessory and I've always loved finding unique pieces - a hobby I'm loving this summer. I love finding vintage and antique jewelry because it is typically well crafted and unique. This weekend, I picked up a few new interesting necklaces at Morning Star Market. The best part - they were only $1 each. I'm especially loving the coo-coo clock with salmon beads, obscure but cute.

4. The summer heat always puts a damper on my appetite, but lately every meal has consisted of fresh organic vegetables and fruits. In addition to our own little garden (which is sprouting leaf lettuce much too quickly), we picked up baskets full of produce at market this week. I'm enjoying watermelon, cantaloupe, asparagus, snow peas, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, bing cherries, plums, blueberries and more this summer.

5. Pinterest is becoming my new summer obsession. For those of you who aren't familiar, Pinterest is like an online bulletin board. You can create different boards and then "pin" websites/photos/ideas from all over the internet to your boards of choice. Theres the option of following others boards, and browsing what pins are popular at the moment. It's a great source of inspiration for photography, fashion, interior design, wedding ideas and DIY projects. Every day I get one new project idea from this fabulous site - or more often, the fabulous iPhone app. Right now, Pinterest is by invitation only so if you'd like to try it out, leave a comment with your e-mail.

6. Tucked in between pins of dresses, shoes and interior design swatches - I've discovered my new favorite colors... Mustard Yellow & Turqouise Blue, together. I've always been a big fan of aqua and turqouise so that half of the combination comes as no surprise but lately, I've been drawn toward all things yellow. These colors can be paired with a slate gray for another dynamic. I can't wait to bring this combination into my photo packaging, fashion choices and more.

7. Nothing says summer like the smell of chlorine and sunscreen. I'm loving our season passes to the pool this summer. I've swam at boiling springs for, well, as long as I've lived in Wellsville but for the first time, we splurged on summer passes. I may be a little old for the public pool but with a six year old to entertain, it's great. Plus, he's learning to swim!

8. Speaking of the pool - I'm loving my newest swim suit from Target. It's a retro style bandeau top and bikini bottom. The design is simple and it's a single color - a shiny and deep slate blue. I've always dreamed of finding a bandeau swim suit that would work for me and finally, I have.

9. Target also blessed me with another summer favorite - a straw fedora. Even though this hate drives my boyfriend crazy, I wear it as often as possible. Somedays, I wear it better than others. In fact, the other day I looked like Jazon Mraz - and that is not a good thing. Later in the evening, I paired it with a vintage necklace, a cute dress and strappy sandals for a trip to the pool - much better.

10. And,  I am loving my job. Working at DAT has been an educational and fun experience. From processing photos to making phone calls, I've enjoyed every minute. While learning more about photography, I've also learned practical business knowledge and marketing skills. You can understand my excitement when I saw this yesterday:

For now, those are the things I'm loving for the summer! 
After tomorrow, I think "just installed central air" may top that whole list.

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