Friday, January 25, 2013

Dreaming of Dresses

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On Tuesday, I mentioned that Valentine's Day is one of my least favorite holidays. That being said, shortly after writing that post, I started thinking more about the holiday and trying to reason why exactly it falls so short on my list of holidays. It's not that I've ever been one to sulk about not having a Valentine or that I've ever had high expectations and then been disappointed by the day. Let's be real here people. Once a boy bought me a chocolate pig filled with red pink and white candy corn -- I'm terrified of pigs. The next year, I got this video game. I will say that Trevor did the day justice last year with Starbucks in bed, though.

Really it just seems to have a day dedicated to saying "I love you" and eating chocolate when I try to make both of those habit in my life, every day. What can I say? I love chocolate. But I did a little more thinking about the way holidays work and I suppose if you want to make a holiday out of sweets, hearts, and perhaps a fancy dinner and a bottle of wine? Well, I'm okay with that.

That being said, our holiday will probably be low-key as our little town lacks in that "fancy dinner and bottle of wine department." (Plus, it's a little too cold in Montana for any of the dresses above). But if you're going to go out to celebrate, you should do so in real Valentine's fashion. 

Since we're already being honest here, I have to admit that between ModCloth's Cabin Fever Sale and the cute inventory at Kintage,  I've been spending too much time browsing online this week. The good news is that I've already picked out the perfect Valentine's dress for you, though. 

For fancier occasions, I can't get enough of the Queen of Hearts Dress with it's heart-shaped cutout and sweetheart neckline. I know that Trevor would love the color - his favorite. And in my head, I've already dressed it up with the perfect black heels. As for the second dress, I've really fallen for the high-low trend.

For more casual Valentine's plans, I've included two less formal dresses in my choices. These would also work well into the spring and summer. After all, chevron seems to be all the rage these days. And the floral print dress? It's on sale! And, to sweeten the deal, Kintage has offered my readers an additional 40% off all sale products! Just use the code "SALE40" when checking out.! That means you could have the perfect dress for your plans for just $13.20 - you're welcome.  

So tell me, what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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