Sunday, January 20, 2013


Snapshots from this week: 
1// I'm a lucky girl. They're awfully handsome, aren't they?
2// While it may be cold outside, the sunrises and sunsets have more than made up for it lately.
3// Early Saturday morning I decided to make another batch of vegan, gluten-free cinnamon rolls. Look for the recipe this week!
4// Spent a long day in Butte this week working on a few marketing projects. Confession: I can't keep a clean desk.

Favorite posts this week: 
Photography Q&A // We've Got Answers - Sincerely, Kinsey
I couldn't believe when I read that Kinsey is only 21. How's that for inspiration? 
My 26 Before 27 List - Delightfully Tacky
I've been working on a list like this since my birthday. Perhaps it will find its way here soon?
DIY // Chalkboard anything to-do list. - Sugar & Cloth
I'm a sucker for lists, anything chalkboard, and that color of blue.
Pizza Bites - GF Finger Food! - Gluten Free on a Shoestring
I was recently reminded of pizza bagels and pizza rolls. While those are off the list, this dough looks fabulous! 
Winter Round Up - Bleubird Vintage
Living in Montana has taught me a lot about the winter necessities: a hat, gloves, and medicated Chapstick. 

This week I'm... 

Eating lots of vegan treats. As I've mentioned before, Trevor isn't eating milk or eggs and it's been a fun challenge. This weekend I've made the cinnamon rolls you saw above, a triple bean chili and a batch of rice krispy treats. There seems to be a direct relationship between the amount of homework I'm supposed to be doing and the amount of cooking and baking I do.

Watching Magnum P.I. with Trevor. Last night we finished watching the entire Twin Peaks series on Netflix. While I couldn't believe the ending, my love for Agent Cooper remains.

Complaining about my poor achy eyes! I've never seemed to have trouble with my eyes but between the hours of homework and spending my work day on a computer, I can hardly stand to keep them open.

Looking forward to my trip to Arizona. While I'm not leaving for nearly two weeks, I can hardly wait! Truth be told, three days without Trevor is three too many (I know, I'm a real sap) but this girl is anxious for warmer weather, Gelato and a baby cousin to squeeze.

Procrastinating on doing the rest of my school work. These two winter classes seem to have gotten the best of me but by this next weekend, I will be completely finished with my undergraduate degree. Cue the collective sigh of relief.

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