Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Bathroom Inspiration

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After spending days looking at green board, dry wall mud and our un-finished bathroom, I needed to find some inspiration to keep myself going. It’s been a constant struggle over paint colors, decor choices and financing our project. Besides, I don’t think you can understand the inconvenience of living without a bathroom until it is your only option. Now, with a working shower, we find ourselves pining for the day when our sink and vanity will be installed. Each morning we compare our “to-do” list with our schedules while we complain about brushing our teeth in the kitchen. That being said, today’s Ten on Tuesday was my escape. While this inspiration board looks very neutral in color, we plan to decorate in turquoise, yellow and white.

1 // As a photographer and avid fan of graphic design, I find myself drawn to wall art displays. The bathroom isn’t the most typical place for an assortment such as this but in our home, the bathroom will be the only room with a modern touch. I think this is a fun way to bring other colors into our bathrooom and would also provide me with an opportunity to showcase my own photography as well as prints from artists that I love.

2 // Currently my bathroom necessities - lotions, nail polish remover, my CHI flatiron and my blow dryer - are stashed inside the top drawer of our office filing cabinet. While this storage protects the house from clutter and my precious hair products from construction dust, I’ve realized how impractical drawers can be for organized storage. I love this simple solution that keeps your hair care tools tucked inside the vanity door but not buried beneath bottles and bottles of other products.

3 // The biggest argument of the bathroom has been over the shower curtain. When we finished the shower, we knew that we wanted to be able to use it right away, rather than waiting for the construction work to be finished. Since we knew the mess the drywall would make (and we hadn’t even picked out paint colors), we decided to simply hang a shower liner in the meantime. While I would have opted for an opaque choice, Trevor refused and purchased a transparent curtain instead. The problem? He fell in love with it and now refuses to settle for a decorative and traditional option. We think this photo pocket shower curtain from UO is a healthy compromise.

4 // The one thing we managed to agree on at first sight? This cute and clever “Get naked.” decal.

5 // I’ve never been one to store magazines or books in the bathroom but after living with Doug for a few months, I realized that a place to store your most recent golf catalog is important to the male gender. Besides, I’m known to flip through a favorite magazine and soak my feet, on occasion. Rather than drilling into the wall, this handy container simply slides onto the toilet and still has room for quite a few reading choices.

6 // While Trevor knew it was important to me that we choose a bathroom with plenty of shelves, we are still struggling with hanging wash cloths, loofas and razors. This suction cup basket has space for all three and includes a top basket to hold extra bathroom products - like my face wash or a pretty bottle of bubble bath.

7 // I have a thing for mason jars, especially vintage mason jars. Imagine my thrill when we found plenty of them in our basement - including one for Jumbo peanut butter adorned with a cute little elephant. While I have been strategizing to create an herb garden from most of the jars, I thought a few equal sized ones would make great bathroom storage. I love how simple this project is and that it keeps important but small items like q-tips and cotton balls in a tidy arrangement.

8 // Shelving is important in all bathrooms - you need a place to store towels and washcloths, extra toilet paper and tissues, and other cosmetic needs. I love these little cubbies in place of traditional flat shelving. Extra towels seem more secure in this arrangement, too.

9 // Hanging towels to dry can be unsightly, that’s why I love this idea of placing them on the back of the door. This way, your guests see the bathroom before seeing unevenly hung or mismatched towels. It also keeps wall space clear and clutter free, which is important in the house’s smallest room.

10 // This is the one bathroom purchase we have made and probably our favorite part of the space, so far. After spending a few weekends at the beach, in hotels like the Marriott, we realized how great space making shower rods could be. Unfortunately, we also dealt with a claw foot tub for months and that meant countless encounters with tangled curtains. We picked up this exact rod at Walmart last week and while we were frustrated by trying to install it at 2 a.m. on very little sleep the night before, we’re now perfectly pleased.

What organizational tools are absolutely necessary in your bathroom? Do you have any creative suggestions for storage in such a small space? I’d love to hear your ideas. 

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