Sunday, July 29, 2012

Portraits: Anniversaries and... Dirt Bikes?

For most couples, anniversaries and dirt bikes are probably unrelated but for my cousin? That wasn’t the case. You see, two years (and one month) ago, my cousin Sarah married the guy of her dreams, Curtis, and with that, came dirt bikes (and Jeeps). When she asked me to take their anniversary photos with these prized possessions, I couldn’t help but laugh. You have to understand - growing up, Sarah and I were more like sisters. It’s this  phenomenon when you lack a sister of your own and have a cousin your age. You know, sister cousins. We had sleepovers every weekend, we went to Head Start together, and before I ran off to Montana, we met for lunch every week. But, that being said, we couldn’t have been more different. Sarah loved pink and dresses and hated to get dirty. On the other hand, I refused to wear dresses, let alone much other clothing, and spent my time fishing with my dad or playing in dirt with my brother. In middle school, Sarah shopped at American Eagle. I shopped at.. well, let’s just say, it wasn’t American Eagle. Up until these photos were taken, I think I had written off the idea of Sarah on a dirt bike. I had heard the stories and seen photos of their off-roading adventures.. But then I saw for myself and now, you see the proof... but seriously, aren’t those pink wheels cute?

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