Sunday, July 1, 2012

Portraits: Lindsey Shortt

During my last week in Pennsylvania, I was busier than ever with taking last minute photos from friends and family. (Plus working every. single. night.) But one of those friends was Lindsey. You may recognize her from photos we took last summer or perhaps, these from prom. But, this time around, we spent a gorgeous summer morning in the park and laughed as we managed to get bitten by fire ants and mocked by children and parents on the playground... and the maintenance workers, too. (Truth be told, we climbed in oversized play tires to take photos, and we may have been too big to comfortably fit - so it’s no wonder they laughed). Overall, it was the perfect way to spend one of my last days and it was a welcome relief from my busy work schedule and the previous week’s unbearable heat. 

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