Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red, White, Blue’s in the Sky

Red, white, blue’s in the sky,
summer’s in the air and baby,
heaven’s in your eyes.

Our Fourth of July was magical - to call it any less would be an understatement. We started the day without an alarm clock, sleeping in until the Montana morning chill wore off. With no holiday plans in store, we decided to get in the truck and drive until we found somewhere worthy of spending our afternoon. In Montana, that’s not hard to do. We hit the highway and turned off where the signs said “Warm Springs” and “Lost Creek State Park”. We were looking for waterfalls - and we found heaven instead. The roads were unpaved and ten m.p.h. was the best we could do but as Trevor said to me, “you can’t ever be in a hurry to look at the scenery,” and when you’re headed nowhere, time isn’t an issue. We saw tractors and ranches, cattle and horses, and the greenest areas of Montana, yet. We saw rivers and springs and eventually, in the distance, we saw even more water. With a dirty pit bull in tow, we kept our fingers crossed and after a few turns and gated paths, we made it to the whitetail picnic area at Warms Springs Ponds. Apparently, the rest of Montana was spending the day barbecuing or setting off fireworks in the broad daylight because we were the only ones there (not that I'm complaining). We hiked the lake paths, let Buddy go for a swim, watched the wild Pelicans, and soaked in a perfect sunny Montana afternoon.

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