Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Wanderlust

[Source: Here Comes the Sun]
The oddly sunny and warm winter weather has me feeling extra creative and inspired lately. (Even though snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.) Last week, I went thrifting and scored a black and white vintage dress while my parents managed to buy me three antique cameras at auction. What I haven't done? Photographed anything. And now more than ever I find myself suffering from a severe case of wanderlust, aching for a trip full of interesting places to photograph, new foods to try and insightful people to meet.

Today's Ten on Tuesday post is all about the places I wish to visit.

New Mexico
[source: Stephanie Williams Photography]
We all know that sometimes when you fall in love with a guy, you find yourself falling for the things he loves, too. With Trevor, that is New Mexico. I spend much of my time with Trevor hearing stories of his time in New Mexico, hearing about how beautiful his favorite places are and how he wishes he had never left. Perhaps my trip to Arizona didn't help, it merely reinforced my love for desert states. The places I wish to visit are Taos, Pecos and Santa Fe. I'm trying my best to make this happen in May but until then, I'll drool over photographs like this one from Stephanie Williams Photography.

Sydney, Australia
[source: Jamie Delaine]
Don't laugh but as kids, my brother and I dreamed of visiting Australia where we planned to meet Steve Irwin. We idolized him. As I grew older, the idea of visiting Australia seemed to slip from my priorities but after posts from a Sydney wedding by Jamie Delaine, I've fallen in love with the idea of visiting all over again. As a side note, since Jamie's post is entitled "Kangaroo Meat" - yesterday, over birthday cheesecake, my mom's co-worker and friend, Katie, told us about a friend whose dog is so allergic to foods that he can only eat expensive Australian dog food made of Kangaroo. Bizarre, no?

Springfield, Missouri
[source: A Beautiful Mess]
As you should know by now, the Show Me State holds a piece of my heart. Despite a few trips to the state, I've never gotten to visit the town of Springfield. After falling in love with A Beautiful Mess, I put Springfield on the list of places I wanted to visit on our last trip. Like usual, it didn't work out and I'm still craving a visit to the Red Velvet shop. Last week, Kinsey from Sincerely, Kinsley (another Springfield resident) wrote this post about her hometown and I found myself falling even further into my desire to visit. Perhaps on our next family vacation.

Whitefish, Montana
[source: Kelli Trontel Photography]
Here's another destination that I can thank Trevor for. A few months ago, he visited Montana to attend the wedding of one of his best friends from the Airborne. The town he visited? Anaconda. Lately, he's been convincing me that Montana wouldn't be a bad place to call home and maybe I should find a graduate school there, instead. Unfortunately, no Marketing PhD programs exist in the state but I've found myself not so against the idea of visiting, especially if its the city of Whitefish. Last week, I fell in love with the photography of Kelli Trontel and this happens to be the town she calls home. She's made it seem like such a beautiful, warm and inviting place and I'm just dying to visit Red Caboose, a frozen yogurt and coffee shop owned by Kelli and her husband.

White Sands
[source: Bryce Olsen]
I know, I know, I already included New Mexico on the list but I couldn't help adding White Sands, too. Months ago, I stumbled upon some portraits of a little girl done for her birthday. She was wearing a beautiful miniature gown (with short sleeves might I add) and running barefoot in what I believed to be snow. The photograph was beautiful, perfectly overexposed, light and airy but I couldn't wrap my mind around her bare feet in the snow. Turns out, it was White Sands, dunes made of beautifully perfect white sand located more than 4,000 feet above sea level. If I ever get the chance to visit New Mexico, visiting White Sands is definitely on my list of things to see. 

[source: Shutter Sisters]
Despite the lack of it this year in Pennsylvania, I have to say that I love snow. I love the way it looks, smells, lays on everything, and most importantly, how beautifully it photographs. For this reason, Utah is on my vacation wish list. I was reminded of that this week when this photograph was shared on the Shutter Sisters blog. It inspired me to glance back at Kelle Hampton's posts about the state from December of 2010. Now I find myself longing from a winter wonderland like the one above. (Perhaps tomorrow's tiny snow storm will deliver a pretty white scene, too.)

Muir Woods
[source: Ten First]
When I worked as a waitress at a tiny little 1950's themed diner, I met Gina - a fabulous friend who originally hailed from California. A few months after meeting Gina, she decided to move back home. Shortly after, she mailed me a card with a beautiful photograph of the Muir Woods full of giant redwood trees. I've wanted to visit ever since. Besides, I've never gotten to see The Golden State and I'd love to say that I crossed the entire country.

[source: Jamie Delaine]
For years I've had a bizarre infatuation with the city of Seattle but after reading "Gluten Free Girl: How I found the Food that Loves Me Back", I was desperate to live in a city with fresh fish, farmers markets and perhaps even rainy weather. Sometimes I truly feel that this is where I will end up living after graduating but as I get older, I find more places vying for that title.


After my posts in October, I think most of you know how I feel about Arizona. With the arrival of Baby Kendall quickly approaching, I'm really itching to plan a late May trip. What could be better than coupling an adventure to New Mexico with a visit to my newest favorite state for time with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Rob and a newborn babe. Ironically, my aunt Sarah texted me as I was writing this post and I can't help but to believe it is a sign of where I should spend the beginning of my summer break.

Beaufort, South Carolina
Before December 12th, South Carolina hadn't made it to my list of dream destinations but I can't wait to see my baby brother graduate from Parris Island. In less than one month, we will be in the town of Beaufort anxiously awaiting family day and the graduation ceremony. I am excited for a trip somewhere anywhere and getting to finally see my brother only makes a roadtrip seem that much sweeter.

Do you find yourself suffering from wanderlust, too? 
If so, where are you hoping to visit in the near future?

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