Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today, my mom (the one in the top hat) celebrated the 20th anniversary of her 21st birthday! I had all intentions of writing a sentimental, long, beautiful post about it but my body has other intentions this evening. I did a ninety minute heated power yoga class this morning without drinking nearly enough water. And I did it on the morning after Super Bowl Sunday - a day filled with gigantic "super bowl sandwiches", potato salad, Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry (which yes, has caffeine) and vanilla milkshakes. Somehow, I managed to give myself a case of dehydration and a body which aches from head to toe. So you'll have to excuse me for not writing long. I've got one quick homework assignment to finalize and then I plan to sleep off this yoga hangover. I do have more to say about my mom and her birthday later but for now, you can know that we celebrated with dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Friday and lunch at Pizza Grille today - what can we say? We like food. And gluten-free cheesecake for dessert? That's not half bad either.

Happy Birthday Momma, I love you!

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  1. I love you to sweetie. And I'm holding you to fact I just came up with a wonderful ten for tuesday idea....Ten things I find most annoying about my mother....LOL