Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm never leaving my bed.

I don't know how many times I've said the words "I'm never leaving my bed" in the past sixteen hours but as more hours pass, the more sure I become of that fact. Though I'm sick with a wealth of bizarre problems most days of my life, I never seem to catch anything contagious. The last time I had the flu? A cold? It seems that until I catch one of the two, enough time passes to allow me to forget just how terrible I am at being sick. I whine. I cry. I beg my boyfriend to buy my tissues. I have to call off work. I sleep, a lot. And today? That's exactly what I'm doing.

My stomach hasn't felt quite right since last week but on Monday, I woke up and could hardly crawl out of bed and drag myself to work. Yesterday? I never made it to my Research Methods class. Today? Today, I'm not leaving my bed.

The boyfriend hasn't been feeling well either so we decided that it'd be a great idea to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables for three days, starting last night. After somehow braving snow tubing (more on that later), I wanted nothing more than to crawl in bed but Trevor insisted on a grocery store trip before hand. Somehow, in my sick delirium, I couldn't find my wallet anywhere (turns out it was in my bag.. on the top.. right where I put it.. and looked for it) so that meant a trip back to the grocery store for me this morning. But first, I took three Advil, my heart medicine and begged for a Benedryl but before I had time to be upset about the third, I was asleep. This morning, I woke up feeling even worse. I snuggled Buddy until Trevor was down showering then I called off work and headed to buy myself some fruit and vegetables of my own.

For some strange reason, the registers at Giant were not working and after completing all my grocery shopping, standing in line sniffling, sneezing and eyes watering for forty minutes, I ended up having to put everything back and head across the street to Weis where my shopping cart was quickly filled with two cantaloupes, two pineapples, three oranges, three gala apples, three overly-ripe bananas, two boxes cherry tomatoes, a head of broccoli, an enormous head of cauliflower, a big bag of spinach, baby carrots, and a little foam basket of mushrooms. Plus, a container of Simply Orange juice with pulp. (Trevor hates pulp.)

Perhaps I wouldn't feel quite as terrible if I hadn't braved the cold and wind for a free trip snow tubing. Since I had to do laundry anyway, I figured I might as well go for at least a few photographs to send to Sean. So, it was decided.

At first, I thought it would be easy to spot Aiden headed down the hill - he and my dad were covered in camoflauge. What I didn't realize soon enough was that so was everyone else. It was free tubing night for Warrington Township, after all.

That also meant running into plenty of Aiden's friends - all girls, of course. It took much negotiating to figure out how five six-year-olds would be able to tube together. For whatever reason, I volunteered to take two of them down the hill but after realizing just how icy the conditions were, I begged for help. Plus, my mom had to say "don't let them tip out of their tubes!," just before we were about to go.

One trip down the hill was all that I needed to quench my thirst for adventure and snow. Besides, I wasn't nearly patient enough for the "magic carpet" ride to the top, and the line of people waiting for tubes was quickly growing. Instead, we took cover in the lodge with hot chocolate and brownies, of course.

There are talks of returning for another snow tubing adventure, Trevor in tow but for now? I've got two exams to study for, a project to start and finish (today), vegetables to eat, a box of tissues to use, and a few naps to take.

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