Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Valentine's Day

Let's start off with the obvious - it's currently, actually, 10:03 on Wednesday the 15th of February. Clearly, I was too caught up in Valentine's celebrations to make time for a Ten on Tuesday post to honor the holiday. Instead, you'll get the left over version. It's just like the Reese's hearts I bought tonight, half price and just as sweet. Okay, the "just as sweet" part applies, at least!

Yesterday would have been a much better time to write this post, perhaps while I was still high off of chocolate, doughnuts and Valentine's day romance. Now? My boyfriend is angry with me and I feel really terrible about it so, I'm trying even harder to make sure this post tells you just how great he is.

Typically, Ten on Tuesday is easy for me to accomplish. I'm stuck on campus from 11 until 4 and I've got plenty of time to sneak in a little post. Yesterday, that wasn't the case. On Friday, my cardiologist decided to change my heart medication and there was simply no way I could attend school all day and then work a busy, crowded evening at the Blue Heron. So, I compromised.

I woke up yesterday to a chocolate dipped doughnut on a popsicle stick. Better yet, it was adorned with little sprinkle hearts, and the word "luv". I almost demanded a new one due to the poor spelling choice but it was so delicious, I didn't mind after the first bite.

Apparently, Trevor snuck out of bed early in the morning to make it to Starbucks and Maple Doughnuts without me waking up. Breakfast in bed. And better yet, a breakfast that I don't normally allow myself. My doctor insists that I stop eating chocolate and we all know that doughnuts are made from wheat, plus caffeine is a no, too. But...Valentine's comes only once a year.

After indulging, we may or may not have overslept until 10:00. (Oops.)

As a kid, I loved the holiday. There was nothing more exciting than picking out Valentine's cards, scribbling a list of names on them and decorating your mailbox for the party at school. As a teenager, I grew to hate it. Once, I was given a chocolate pig filled with red and pink candy corn. Another time? A video game. The whole thing just seems so silly to me. Despite that, I enjoyed my morning date. (And my valentine? he loved his Ferrero Rocher.. even if it fell off of the roof of my car while I was driving forty miles per hour. Seriously.)

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I would tell you ten reasons why I absolutely adore Trevor. Cheesy? Probably. Like me? Not at all. But hey, this one's different.

1. He calls pizza crusts, "pizza bones". 
If you didn't put it together yet, Trevor has a wonderful, giant, Pit Bull - Buddy. Once upon a time, before January 1st of 2012, Buddy could eat lots and lots of people food. Luckily for Buddy, Trevor is not a fan of pizza crusts. One day, while eating pizza, Trevor told Buddy to go lay down, he could have the pizza bones when we were done. Of course I died of laughter. Pizza bones? I'd never heard the term. According to Trevor, if you have a dog, you know the term. My sources disagree. Never the less, I have to think about "pizza bones" anytime I'm eating pizza.

2. He's a chef!
This is an obvious reason to love anyone, right? For special occasions, Trevor always creates beautiful and delicious meals for us! For my birthday, we had fire roasted pork with mango salsa, roasted asparagus and white chocolate mousse. Just last week, he made gorgeous "Superbowl sandwiches" with a wonderful side of greens and potato salad. What I enjoy more than the food he makes is watching him cook. I miss having him at work where I got to see it more often but there's nothing more exciting than being kicked out of the kitchen when Trevor wants to concentrate or surprise me. I also love when we get to cook together, even if its just midnight pancakes.

In case you couldn't decipher, this is Trevor cooking for my birthday - a day when I was banned from the kitchen.
3. He looks so cute, I mean seriously cute, when he sleeps.
I may or may not have an entire collection of iPhone photos of Trevor and Buddy sleeping. (Is that creepy?) I would be more than happy to show you evidence of just how cute he looks but, he knows this URL and I can't begin to imagine how upset he would be to see a photograph of himself sleeping posted on the world wide web.

4. I've never seen a guy love his dog so much.
And it's so endearing. Buddy is essentially a toddler and Trevor treats him as his own son.. or best friend.. or worst enemy. It really depends on the day. I do know though that Trevor loves Buddy more than anything and I think the feeling is mutual. We tuck him in every night with his own blanket, he only gets small bags of dog food so that it stays fresh, we let him take people showers with us. He's loved. 


5.  He sets every Sunday aside to spend a special, lazy, day with me. And only me.
Trevor and I cherish our Sundays together. If you've ever tried to make Sunday plans with me, you know that I will always turn them down. Our busy work schedules prevent us from spending too many daylight hours together and we usually make it through the week on late night dinners, Chelsea Lately, and sleeping together. When Sunday rolls around, we spend the day sleeping in, taking Buddy to run silly errands, always eating at one of our favorite places, and doing pretty much nothing else. We usually manage to sneak in a nap, too. Today, I'm craving a Sunday. Sleeping in on Valentine's Day was such a tease!

Sunday Brunch at John Wright.

6. He hates York, Pennsylvania as much as I do.
I know that seems like a silly reason to love someone but, there's logic behind it, I swear. I love being with someone who likes to travel, experience new places, and eat local cuisine from many different areas. I also like being able to lay in bed together and daydream about all the other places we could live. Perhaps one day it will be Montana. Or Arizona. Or New Mexico. If Trevor gets his way, Arizona will be off the list, though.

7. He takes good care of me when I'm sick... which is essentially every day. 
If you've ever dealt with any scary emotional or physical illness, you know that being alone sometimes makes it worse. Trevor is wonderful about checking on me when I'm not feeling well, picking me up from the hospital, reminding me to take my medicine, not letting me run at the gym, and always sleeping with me when I've had a bad or off day. (If you couldn't tell, sleeping is really important to us. We love it.) I think that my mom loves him for this reason, perhaps even more than I do.

8. He cleans a lot.
I guess that's sort of a brief summary of my point. I love that my boyfriend is neat and tidy! I know that seems silly but when you hang out in a place called "the third floor man cave", you never know what to expect. I never have to worry, though. Trevor is always cleaning and rearranging. (He's also a self-proclaimed furniture whore.) My favorite cleaning fact has got to be that Trevor chooses to vacuum his couch without a hose. Instead, he uses the whole vacuum. (This picture still makes me smile months later.)

9. He always makes time to talk to me and to see me, too. 
I suppose this goes hand in hand with our special Sunday plans, or no-plans, rather but, Trevor always makes it a priority to spend time with me. We don't do a lot of "dates". Last time, and actually the first time, we went to the movies, I slept through the entire thing! Instead, we laid in bed after and watched it snow. If we both have busy days, Trevor will insist that we go grab breakfast. If I've worked late? We'll go for a late dinner at Round the Clock. He will even put up with me talking super fast and non-stop while he tries to finish paperwork after work. Likewise, Trevor also makes it a point to talk to me during our busy days. At least once, if not twice, each day, Trevor calls me just to say hi and to see how my day is going. Yesterday? He called to say, and I quote, "Happy Valentine's Day! I love Dillsburg and I love you!". These phone calls are the highlight of my afternoons!

10. The reason why I adore Trevor the most is because I could go on and on with this list and never run out of reasons to adore him! I know that sounds cliche but it's entirely true. Did I tell you that he writes? Or perhaps that he is really good at rubbing my back? Or how about the week when I had a non-stop migraine and he drove the whole way to my apartment for ice packs and a heating pad? I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. And if you know anything about me, you know that I don't say cheesy things like that about guys very often, if ever.

I hope that you had a perfect Valentine's Day with the one you love! Perhaps one filled with lots of hearts and chocolate, too. If that didn't happen for you this year, let me tell you - finding a guy this good? It's well worth the wait. 

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