Sunday, May 8, 2011

Momma's Day.

I couldn't possibly skip a mother's day blog post after completely (unintentionally) missing my mom's birthday in February - no, I didn't forget it was her birthday. So, here I am to say - Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

We aren't a family that is set with traditions, even for holidays. Without any special plans to follow, we decided to go to York's Mother's Day street fair. I hadn't been to the "Ye Olde Fair" since I was Aiden's age so it was an interesting new perspective.

Jewelry stands. Funnel cake. Sausage sandwiches. Strawberry smoothies. 
Moon bounces. Family and friends. Beautiful weather. Sunny skies.

Of course, Ryan tagged along. He's basically family, especially in the summer time. Have I mentioned howgood it feels that he's home? In fact, tomorrow is a Monday and I'm not sure that I even considered the fact that he won't be 39.08 miles away when I wake up. What a glorious thought.

The showery skies have seem to give way to sandals, sun and bright colors over the past week. Despite the sweater I huddled in when in the shade, it was beautiful today. Sunburns are starting, classes are over. It feels like summer already. Even for May in Pennsylvania. 

The past week has also given way to... Aiden hating being photographed. He cringes at the sight of a camera, runs and screams when my shutter clicks. A bounce house? Not an easy location. A bounce hour with a six year old who doesn't want his picture taken? You can see the results.

So yummy! Best treat of the day, by far.

All in all - it was a pretty good day, after all... 

Momma loved her Kindle.
Sean bought us dinner for Mother's Day.
 [gluten free chicken bacon ranch sub? YUM.]
Ryan tried to find me a car.
I made fabric rosette headbands.
so Mother's Day? Success.

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