Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I can say without hesitation that I am a compulsive person. Wether thats in regards to big decisions, shopping, or plans. Ryan is constantly angry at my lack of a plan, or the way that I change plans at the very-last-possible-actually-later-than-that second. But I can't help it.

I've gone days without the free time to shoot anything, anything at all. I lie. I shot a few photos of the baby kittens scaling my bookshelf in an attempt to eat Delilah.. but that hardly counts. Somehow summer is busier than school ever was and I went from 100+ frames a day to... nothing.

I knew that if my finger didn't find its way to my shutter release, it was going to be a rough night.

I raced the rain home from Hanover. Every few minutes, the sky would change from dark to light. Then dark again. Then showers. I crossed my fingers while I drove, and at one point, pulled over to call Sean and let him know that if he didn't work, our nights plans were going to consist of some portrait shooting and adventuring.

Somehow, the stars aligned and Sean, Ryan, and myself piled into my car, camera gear in tow. We raced to Pinchot, arguing about the speed limit the whole time. (I was right, by the way.) We climbed muddy hills, balanced on spillways spanning across the water, and fought mosquitos to simply get a few frames before the rain came or the sun set - whichever was first.

I had no plan. I just knew that I needed to pick up a camera. I thought of locations while I drove (all of which Sean threw out, might I add). I acted on a compulsion and it paid off.

The same doesn't apply to the compulsive purchases. Just ask the ice skates under my bed.

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