Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hands On

I'm reveling in the spring time - warm, sunny, and void of classes. Somehow, Aiden managed to have off school today too (It was the a.m kindergarden classes field trip day; his is tomorrow) and so we decided to enjoy the spring time together.

This morning, Aiden, Hana and I piled into my barely clean car with camera bag, snacks and good attitudes in hand. (The good attitude part took some convincing from Aiden) After a trip to Hake's, for more snacks of course, we were off to Lancaster's Hands On House.

It was our first visit but after an entire afternoon of farming, fishing, bird building, car racing and dress up shows, we're seasoned veterans.

When we finally managed to pull Aiden away from the make believe grocery shop specializing in cranberry sauce covered trout, we fought Lancaster traffic and headed for Central Market. If you're in Lancaster on a Tuesday/Friday/Saturday, there's no excuse not to go. Big bundles of asparagus and boxes of eggplant were calling my name but I knew that I'd never have time to cook them tonight. Instead, Aiden grabbed a hot dog and 7UP as Hana and I admired goat cheeses, fresh flowers and renovation plans.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to market until just before closing time so as four approached, we headed down Prince Street to my newest gluten-free google find - Prince Street Cafe. The restaurant itself was filled with students with books, macbooks, earbuds and lattes. Students of the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, perhaps? (Are Hana and I the only ones who never knew a little art school was tucked amongst the historical lancaster gallery buildings...? Imagine that.) The food wasn't nearly as cliche. Cajun Chicken with roasted yellow peppers, melted cheddar cheese and a freshly made gluten-free roll? Let's just say, I'll be back. Hana chose a Caprese Sandwich on Ciabatta bread and learned to eat tomatoes cold. Honestly though, if you put pesto on anything - she'll eat it. Aiden scarfed down bites of our sandwiches, slurped Hana's soup and hardly drank the Frozen Hot Chocolate that he had to have. The only unfortunate part of lunch? We were to full to stop at the brightly decorated creamery next door.

The day didn't end there, though. Long's Park is another staple of our sunny Lancaster days and so we left the Prince Street parking lot for Harrisburg Avenue. It's quite possible that we ended up far from where we needed to be and had to turn around.. well, multiple.. times but, we made it there. Only problem? The petting zoo wasn't open. But we didn't let that (or the fact that Hana and I desperately needed a nap) stop our fun.

My best friend chases squirrels. Really.

"Aiden! Conquer that chicken!"
I can't stop laughing at this photo. I look at it every five minutes.
After running, playing, painting, laughing, and too much driving - we took some time at Ryan's to recuperate. Hana passed out, Aiden played hide and seek and I got a mid-day visit to my favorite boy. The Rita's was great, too. But eventually, nine and a half hours after starting our trip, we piled back into the car (italian ice in hand) and braved the weather on the drive back to Wellsville. Turns out, there are no eighty-mile per hour winds. 

My three favorite people? Three very fun places? There aren't many ways that today could get any better. Except to announce that I will be beginning work as a photography assistant to David Aaron Troy Pictures next week! And, for my own delight - I'm headed to bed. Unlike Aiden and Hana, I haven't had a nap.

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